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Natural Flatulence Remedy
Relief for Gas and Bloating

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Reduce Gas and Bloating Holistically - Natural Flatulence Remedy

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What causes flatulence?

If you suffer from flatulence and want to find a natural way of helping your body release painful gas and reduce bloating, Ask a Healer recommends Native Remedies products. For painful gas and bloating, try Gasolve Relief. The ingredients in this natural remedy help your body maintain health digestion processes, reduce flatulence following meals and support natural digestive calm after meals. Gasolve gives support to all body systems that are involved with the digestive process and thus, supports overall digestive health.

Read more about Gasolve and other natural remedies for digestive and eliminatory health. Get Relief from Painful Gas and Bloating Now

Lifestyle changes to reduce flatulence, gas and bloating:
Make sure your diet includes lots of fruits and vegetables. Although some veggies may seem to cause gas and bloating, like cabbage and broccoli, they may not be the cause. Lack of digestive enzymes may also contribute to chronic flatulence. Adding a Potent digestive enzyme formula may be very helpful and is, in and of itself, another natural flatulence remedy. Make sure you drink enough water and reduce excess stress in your life wherever possible. These steps may also help you reduce chronic flatulence.

One of the hidden causes of gas and bloating may be MSG. For some, myself included, MSG causes very painful gas. This is an ingredient that is not always on the label and often hidden in other descriptive word so learning about the other names for MSG can be helpful in avoiding it.

Another additive that is becoming more and more common in processed foods and drinks is sugar alcohol. I can't tolerate any of the types of sugar alcohol including xylitol, malitol, erythritol, sorbitol or xylitol. They all produce gas and bloating whenever I eat foods or drink beverages containing them. Check labels. You may find that foods and drinks containing monosodium glutamate or sugar alcohols may be a factor in your own flatulence and abdominal discomfort.

Walking is also terrific to help with gas and bloating. If you have a sedentary job, taking a walk on your breaks and at lunch can be helpful as well as stretching at your desk several times during the day.

Health Disclaimer: Chronic gas and bloating may be a sign of an underlying, more serious medical condition. The natural flatulence remedy mentioned on this page is not intended to help medically significant gas and bloating but only normal flatulence from eating wrong or stress.