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Investigations Done By The Force
Listed in Alphabetical Order
  Investigations Submitted to The Force
Listed in Alphabetical Order

100 Step Cemetery - Did we see our death like the legend says?

Adams Street Cemetery - We found something here, but what we just don't know.

Augsburg Cemetery - Small cemeteries can have the most activity, is this small cemetery any different?

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - Supposed to be one of the most haunted places in America, so did our investigation prove that?

Boone Hutch Cemetery - Do dead people really fall out of the cave at this cemetery?

Chesterton Cemetery - A cemetery with plenty of graves, but does that mean anything?

Devil's Bridge - Two investigations - A bridge that has plenty of graffiti on it, but is there anything else?

Dogface Bridge - Can a ghost with a women's body and a dog's head be seen here?

Edna Collins Bridge - Did we see the ghost of the little girl who used to swim in the creek below.

Furnessville Cemetery - Located in a small quiet town, is the cemetery the same?

Ghost Road - Three Investigations - Known for having the largest ghost haunt in the world, but is there really a ghost there?

Gravity Hill - Who says a car can't go up a hill?

Gypsies Cemetery - The Gypsies were kicked out of town over 150 years ago, but some say they never left.

Hell's Gate - The story says that you will see blood coming down the walls, but is the story right?

Highland Lawn Cemetery - Does a man still walk his dog even though he's been dead for over 80 years?

Lamb Chapel and Cemetery - Did we get chased by a murderer through this cemetery?

Moody Cemetery - A cemetery that isn't supposed to be haunted, but is that what we found?

Moody Road
People have seen a ball of light chasing them down the street, is that what happened to us?

Old Crown Point Jail - Are the criminals that once lived in this jail serving more than a life sentence?

Old Indian Burial Ground - Are you still able to hear drums even though all the Indian's here are dead?

Old Porter House
- Two investigations -
A house that looks like any other house, but the people say there's something different about this one.

Old Porter Road - Is there really a huge shadow like dog that lives along this road?

Patten Cemetery - What looks like an ordinary cemetery might not be as ordinary as you think.

Posey Chapel - Three investigations - Red orbs, red eyes in the woods, a woman singing, a guitar playing, sounds great but is it true?

Primrose Road - It looks like a normal road, but you might change your mind after driving down it.

Reeder Road - Is the story of a young hitchhiker really true?

Ross Cemetery - Did the same visitor that supposedly haunts Reeder Road, haunt here as well?

Route 6 Bridge - Can the man who was pushed off a moving train 80 years ago still be seen?

Shadow Beasts - Some say that although you think you are alone when driving down this road, you really aren't.

Smith Cemetery - Could it be true that two of the dead buried here walk across the road to see each other?

Spook Light Hill - Can you still see the lantern of a man looking for his daughter?

St. Patrick's Cemetery - Is this small cemetery really as quiet as it looks?

Stagecoach Road - A road that is not only haunted by people, but also a spot for UFO's.

Union St. Cemetery - Are the civil war soldiers really resting in peace at this cemetery?


100 Step Cemetery - Brazil, Indiana

Avon Danville Bridges - Avon/Danville, Indiana

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - Midlothian, Illinois

Batson Cemetery - Warren, Indiana

Battle Ground - Lafayette, Indiana

Blake Cemetery - Portage, Indiana

Blood Road - Dunkirk, Indiana

Carter Road & 400 E - Kokomo, Indiana

Cry Baby Bridge - Bargersville, Indiana

Dogface Bridge - San Pierre, Indiana

Edna Collings Bridge - Clinton Falls, Indiana

Forest Hill Cemetery - Shelbyville, Indiana

Greencastle Cemetery - Crawfordsville, Indiana

Gypsies Cemetery - Crown Point, Indiana

Harrison Cemetery - Lafayette, Indiana

Haunted House - Shelbyville, Indiana

Haunted House - Valparaiso, Indiana

Haunted Places in Linton - Linton, Indiana

Hell's Gates - Diamond, Indiana

Holiday Drive Bridge - Zionsville, Indiana

James/Shrook Cemetery - Portage, Indiana

Jefferson Township Centralized School - New Haven, Indiana

Little Egypt and Troll Bridge - Plymouth, Indiana 

Lowell Cemetery - Lowell, Indiana

Mississinewa Battle Grounds Graveyard - Mississinewa Battle Grounds, Indiana

Mt. Hope Cemetery - Logansport, Indiana

Mudlavia Hotel - Kramer, Indiana

Okie Pinokie - Peru, Indiana

Old Jacobs Funeral Home - Kokomo, Indiana

Posey Chapel - Laporte, Indiana

Primrose Road - South Bend, Indiana

Purple Head Bridge - Vincennes, Indiana

Reeder Road and Ross Cemetery - Griffith, Indiana

Shoe Factory Road - Barrington, Illinois

Swingers Grave - Fort Wayne, Indiana