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Purple Head Bridge

The Story: One story is there is an old one lane toll bridge that cross the Wabash river on the outskirts (south 6th road) to saint Francesville IL . It is said that long ago it was a place where a man jumped from the bridge to hang his self. When he did his head ripped off, and was never found. If you go there on a raining night and park on the bridge and wait you WILL SEE a purple head floating toward you. The other is the bridge is supposedly a bridge they hung people off of in the 1800s, giving it its name purple head. Vincennes University legend has it that if you go out there you will hear screams from the spirits that have been hung.

I was at "Purple Head" with a few new acquaintances on the night of Thursday October 7, 2004. One the persons there was a "chaneler" named Keanon. He had a pendulum and was asking politely for some of the "spirits" to show themselves. After about 5 minutes or so of him chanting and asking 4 orbs appeared (2 white, one red, and one dark blue) with a figure of a girl. Keanon told us that one of the orbs was the spirit of an Native Medicine Man that was shot with his own arrow and not given the proper burial. The girl, he explained, had drown after her car somehow flipped off the bridge and landed top down. After the orbs and the girl appeared, Keanon told them that we meant no harm and that we come in peace. He chanted for a while longer with the pendulum swinging violently (he wasn't moving his hand or arm at all). The rest of the group that was down on the banks of the river were watching the pendulum. I got the kind of chills that someone was watching, so I turned around and the girl was about 10 feet away from me, towards the bridge. Keanon said that we should go ahead and get back to the car in case anything should start going wrong. As we were walking back to the cars, I felt something cold tap my shoulder. I turned around and the girl was less than 3 feet away with her finger over her mouth like she was telling me not to talk. That is when I started feeling a little scared. Keanon drove us up to the road in front of the bridge and I got out and got into the car that I had came to the bridge in. As we were driving back to the University some of the people in the car started recounting there encounters with the paranormal. I told them a story about how my great grandfather's spirit had came and touched me as I was sleeping 3 days after I had been born. (that was a week after he had died). After I finished the story, a shot of pain shot through the back of my head and went through to the front of my head. That is where I don't remember anything until we were already at the college and 4 people were holding hands in a circle around me and Keanon with his hand to my forehead, chanting. After that, I started hearing someone whisper my name and I also had a dream as if I was that girl. I can still see it vividly. Driving across the bridge, falling into the water, and not being able to breath.
I have no idea what happened to me last night and I am not sure that I actually want to know. I can say that I am a believer in the paranormal now and will never again doubt that there are spirits everywhere.