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100 Step Cemetery

The Story: At midnight, if you walk up the stairs on the grassy side of the cemetery, there are graves dating back to the 1860s all around. On one's way up you count the steps. When you reach the top, you must turn toward the open field and the ghost of the cemetery's first undertaker will appear. Without saying anything he will reveal the climbers own death to them in a vision. The hiker MUST proceed down the steps, counting them again. If they do not get the same number as they counted before then they will die the way they saw but if they do the vision was wrong. If anyone dares to try to reach the top or level ground by not using the steps, they will be pushed to the ground by a phantom hand which will leave a red imprint on the persons back for several days so those who see it can see the mark of the Devil.

Location: Just off 675 W north of Brazil, IN

Directions: These are the directions that we used and they worked great.  To get to 100 Steps: take highway 40 out of Brazil. Turn left at the Staunton flashers.(Or, a right if coming from Terre Haute.)  Follow the road until you come to a 4 way stop. Take a right and go through town. You will take a sharp curve to your left and continue to follow the road. You will pass a road on your right as you continue farther. By this time, you will think I am sending you out into the middle of no where! But the road comes to another 4 way stop. Make a right and follow the road about a mile or less..go slow on this road, and watch to your right. You will go around a fairly sharp curve and as you look up, to your right you will see the steps leading up the hill.


We visited 100 Step Cemetery on Tuesday May 11, 2004 at about 8:30 pm.  It is out in the middle of nowhere, only one car went by while we were there.  It was a clear night with temperatures in the low 70's with little wind.  The first thing we did when we got there was climb up the steps.  We wanted to see if there really are 100 or if the person that named the cemetery just can't count.  We all went up counting to ourselves, and when we reached the top we discovered that we all counted 58 steps.  It is really hard in some spots because the stairs are falling apart and some aren't even stairs at all.  After discussing how many stairs we counted we started looking around to see if the undertaker was around.  We looked everywhere and just couldn't find him.

So then we decided to start looking around and take some pictures.  We weren't getting too much then Huck posed for a picture and it turned out that he wasn't the only one.  The picture had a few orbs to the left of Huck, or the right side of the photo.  Other than that picture we really didn't get anything else.  We took about 25-30 pictures and most showed nothing.  A few had an orb or two, but they were so faint they probably wouldn't show up on the website.  So as we were leaving we split up.  That way we could see if the mark of the devil showed up if we didn't go down the stairs and we could also count how many steps there were coming down.  No one got pushed down the hill and no one had the mark of the devil.  T-Bone counted 60 steps going down and Huck counted 57 steps.  So pretty much the same as going up, like mentioned earlier it is really hard to decide what is a step and what isn't.  So overall we were pretty disappointed.  We really didn't expect to see the undertaker or get pushed down the hill, but we would have liked to have seen 100 steps or at least something close.


The beginning of the steps leading up to the cemetery.

Huck posing for a picture along with a few orbs.


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