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Funny Foodstuffs

The other day, I was looking through the cupboard for something to eat, when I found something that made me nearly wet myself laughing. NB- various people from will (presumably) get this. It probably won't mean much to anybody else though, sorry.

Hey, don't flame me for having products from Asda (now owned by Wal-Mart)- I didn't buy them. If for some reason you copy the image, bear in mind that I had to scan it through a Windows machine (I have no scanner of my own), and I ended up accidentally giving the image transparency. This could have been quite cool if it had been where the cellophane was, but it was on the white parts of the picture - so against any other background colour, it'll likely look strange.

Oh, and in case the word isn't used outside the UK, baps are sort of like buns. Don't know if it's just another word for the same thing, or if there's some difference, although having a look in my small dictionary, the word isn't even listed! Hmm.

[update, 11th feb 2004:] OK, so I think I was probably the only one who found anything remotely funny about Jaws Baps. So sue me :P

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