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is a free Elite-type game (space trading) for Linux (and prolly other systems too). This is my own page about it. Unfortunately, there's nothing here right now. There used to be a bunch of screenshots that were to illustrate a bug I was reporting, but that has since been fixed, so it's no longer appropriate (plus big images are a bit of a drain on my bandwidth).

I'm not taking this page down as such so far because I don't like to remove pages that have links to them, even if they're no longer needed. Besides, I may end up putting some Epiar related stuff of my own here.

So: you may have come here from the rest of my site, or from the link in the Epiar forums, or maybe a search engine; but as there's nothing here, you might as well either go (back) to the Epiar site, or (continue to) look at the rest of my site.

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