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"Good things come to those who wait."---Greldum Drobe, captain of the White Rhino's military corps, addressing his young apprentice.

Minstrals from all over the world come to us with tales of legend and glory. With the scourge now over, people have dedicated their lives to exploring the many different regions of Barsaive. To get a taste of what I mean, read a few of these tales found here and you will not regret it.--- Wellington IV, Order of the White Rhino scribe.

If you are ever out on an uninhabited stretch of the Serpent River and encounter a T'skrang with disproportionate arms, prepare for the fight of your life and beware The Immortal Stubbs!

An epic tale about a group of unlikely heroes. An Epic


Here you can find the journal entries of various characters in the world of Earthdawn.

Thanos Dreadstone's Journal