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"A person has a chance to be great once or twice in his life. The only exception is me."---Sibone Quijire, elven swordswoman and leader of the Spinning Star, said to her opponent during a duel.

The land of Barsaive has many dangers and many evils But fortunately Barsaive is also riddled with many adepts wishing to become heroes to fight those dangers and evils. Some successed, some fail, but no matter what, there will always be heroes.

Here, you can find many diffrent heroes and villans. The majority of these people are or will, one day become, the legends of the world. Look around and take notes, for maybe someday, you might encounter one of these people.

Nicu Sun -- A Windling Beastmaster who thinks he can be a monk.

Thrake Thunderfire -- A troll Skyraider whose clan has been wiped out by Therans. There is more than meets the eye with this Troll.

Verdanon Oakenshield -- A young boy whos past is shrouded in mystery. He and his guardians set out on a quest to discover the truth.

Volkar Griefenhagan -- A young flamboyant t'skrang monk. He has come to help in the efforts of protecting Verdanon, but does he understand the gravidity of the situation?

Waylorn Bedwyr -- An elven swordmaster adept. He has an insatiable desire for showmanship during combat which is only rivaled by his desire of women.

Past Heroes and villains

Sik'um "Stubbs" Ril'horn -- This T'Skrang Boatman is part of the Ishkarat Aropagoi. His arms are far shorter than normal but this does not stop this vicious (and stupid) T'Skrang from attacking other riverboats on the Serpent.

Thanos Dreadstone -- An obsidiman monk who has been appointed the task to protect a very special boy. He was required to leave the group because his liferock was beckoning him.