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"Good things come to those who wait."---Greldum Drobe, captain of the White Rhino's military corps, addressing his young apprentice.

Submission Guidelines

The order of the White Rhino needs your help. Our goal here at the White Rhino is to achieve a wealth of information primarily on all aspects of Barsavian life and even other parts of the world. Without your help, our archives would grow at an alarmingly slow rate. Please help the Order of the White Rhino by following these simple guidelines for submitting original material to our archives.

If you would like to submit something to the Order of the White Rhino, the material must be original pieces of work. DO NOT PLAGIARIES OTHER PEOPLE’S WORK. The web site will accept material on anything dealing with Earthdawn. If you are unsure of what the site offers in ways of material, take a look around the site, or scroll down and see a brief summary of each page. If you have an idea or submission that you feel does not fit in any of the features or columns, submit it any way and we’ll find a suitable place for it on the site.

The following is a brief summary of each page found on this site. Please read the summary. It will help you with understanding what each page’s functions are.

Heroes and Legends of Barsaive-- This page is a character archive. It contains player characters as well as non-player characters. In order for a character to be accepted, he must have some reasonable background notes and personality notes. I will not accept just statistics. Pictures of the characters are welcomed and encouraged but are not required. Please go to this page to see what information I am looking for.

Of Flora and Fauna-- This page contains plants (flora) and animals (fauna). Animals also include creatures and monsters. Again, I will not accept just statistics of creatures and plants. There should be a reasonable write-up on the creature. Pictures are not require but are encouraged. Please go to this page to see what information I am looking for.

Of All Things Magical-- This page contains a lot of information. Spells, magical items, disciplines, blood magic, and basically everything that deals with magic. I am looking for spells in particular, since the spell archive is pretty much empty right now but I will accept material for every other section.

Sound Advice-- This column contains all commentary that is some what useful. Submissions can be essays on survival in different situations; The basic rule for submissions for this column is this: the material should contain some piece of helpful advice.

The Culturally Deprived-- This column contains anything that deals with culture, societies, and ways of life.

The Mistral’s Tale-- This page contains short stories, poems, epics, novels, or anything you want, so long as it tells a story and is set in the Earthdawn game setting.

If you want to submit anything to this site, email the material to me at Please put the following information in the Subject of the email.

Subject: OOTWR [Title of material], [and the abbreviation for what section you think it should belong to. for example, if it is a short story, it would belong to the minstrel’s tale. give the initials of the title page, which would be in this case, M.T.]

Feel free to type the material your sending to me in HTML format. This is not required but please do so if you wish. If you type it up in some sort of writing program, I can accept it only if it is written in Wordpad, Notepad, or Microsoft Works 4.0. I can accept pictures in just about any format but GIF’s and JPG’s are preferred.

All works submitted to the site will receive proper acknowledgment. All of the material that is submitted will also have the owners e-mail address placed on the page so that people may contact them. If you do not wish your e-mail address to be placed on the page, then please indicate this in the e-mail of the submitted piece of work.