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"Good things come to those who wait."---Greldum Drobe, captain of the White Rhino's military corps, addressing his young apprentice.

Thanos Dreadstone Journal

The day I fretted would dawn has finally come. The unknowns searching for Verdanon have finally found him. Whilst the rest of the monastery held back the onslaught of attackers, I put my best effort forth to try to secure the young lad's safety. Taking a hidden passage to the outskirts of the monastery, we fled into the night, despite Verdanon's constant questioning on why we were not staying and fighting. We fled to the nearby town of Covlier Copse and waited for no more than one week to see if any other survivors showed up, as was ordered by the sensai, Tolthick Boreguard.

During our stay, we made ourselves useful by helping about with the daily chores. We stayed with a nice old lady Named Old Mrs. Rycorn.

As the week progressed and it seemed less and less likely any other survivors would show up, I contemplated on what course of action to take next. I had my mind set on travelling south, towards my liferock, Ayodhya. I planned to find a small to medium sized village in which Verdanon could open a smithy and continue his art. After staying with him for no less than 10 years uninterrupted, I would return to Ayodhya and set up a modest monastery near there. Once a year, I would return to the village to check up on the lad.

However, this plan came to an abrupt end when a large troll came to the village in search of me. As I thought this quite odd, I informed Verdanon to hide and then flee if this should be a trap. After meeting with the troll, I surmised that this not be the case. He told of his meeting Thisonius and his message to Verdanon and I that we must travel to the Dir-Salarian Ruins, the location which was shrouded in mystery. It was good that we now had a path to follow. The troll, known as Thrake Thunderfire, offered his services to us on this journey. I pondered as to why a troll would so readily offer to come with us and I wondered where his clan might be, but I did not press issue with him.

During the rest of the week, we got better acquainted with Thrake. I judged him to be a most worthy companion for our future endevours. Alas, no others from the monastery arrived, so that night, I did a quick, four hour prayer for the deceased, may Jaspree have compassion unto them.

The next morn, we gathered up our items, thanked the townfolk profusely, and began our journey toward Throal. It was there we hoped to consult the Great Library of Throal. It was our best bet at finding out the whereabouts of the Dir-Salarian Ruins.

We kept to the lowlands near base of the Throal mountain range. On the way, Thrake showed his prowness in hunting, giving us a good supply of meat. I, on the other hand, kept to foraging about the landscape, coming up with some nuts, roots and even some berries. Even though we managed to procure a large amount of edibles, with mine and Thrake's voracious appetites, we had little over. It concerned me not; I knew Jaspree would keep us well nurished.

A few days into the trek, a stranger emerged from a nearby forest. Always on guard, we waited until he approached. He introduced himself as Zyrin Eyeswide and he was on the lookout for some poachers. We told him that we had not seen anyone suspicious but would be alert to any beings fitting that category.

Near the end of the day's travels, we came upon an encampment that was obviously the place of rest for the beforementioned poachers. The hung hides of the now deceased storm wolves brought a heaviness to my heart. As we planned out attacked, I prayed to Jaspree for the souls of the departed animals.

A short battle later, we had neatralized all the poachers. After tying them up, a large bonfire was built in hopes of attracting Zyrin Eyeswide. Plus, it would keep some of the more timid creatures of the night at bay. Thrake began a troll post-battle ritual, which involved banging on his shield loudly. I acknowledged to myself that this may draw the attention of some of the forests braver nocturnal hunters, but I knew that even if such an event took place, Jaspree would keep us alive. Indeed, the loud banging did attract the attention of an espagra and it decended unto the party. Thrake, with his many wounds from the previous battle, fell into unconciousness. Verdanon and I dragged Thrake under a table in order to defend against the espagra's diving attacks. It seemed to lose interest in attaining its difficult prey and left the vicinity. This place seemed cursed with dangerous encounters, so we broke camp and left for the forest. Our captives pleaded for us not to leave them there. I told them that we would be back in the morn, and, if they were still alive, we would free them. In my mind, I would let Jaspree choose an appropriate punishment for them.

And choose Jaspree did. For upon our return, we found one member gone and the other two bleeding and near passing out. Jaspree had acted as Jaspree had seen fit, and I had no qualms with Jaspree's actions. I hoped that this taught the remaining poachers a valuable life lesson. After freeing them, we continued on our way to the great city of Throal.