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"Good things come to those who wait."---Greldum Drobe, captain of the White Rhino's military corps, addressing his young apprentice.

The Immortal Stubbs
by Gnarly Wayne

The two riverboats crashed together as the enemy T'Skrang flooded over the connecting plank between the ships. The entire party engaged in combat with these foes. The hulking mass of troll, Abdula, starting swinging his burnt wooden club from side to side, trying to crush the smaller T'Skrang. All the while, his shiny, infinitely more powerful crystal sword hung strapped on his back. The Obsidiman did likewise, trying to crush the lizard-like creatures with her bare hands. The beautiful elf of the group took carefully aimed shots with her bow, making sure to stay out of range of melee weapons.

One of the tiny Windlings stayed up in the crow's nest, no doubt due to lack of self-esteem whilst the other flew around to the back of the enemy ship, looking to cause some trouble. The hero of the group and easily the best-looking and most powerful, T'gar T'sksk, bravely took on 6 enemy T'Skrang all at once. He was weavin' and bobbin' and talkin' trash. However, for all his valiant efforts, the tide started to turn against the group. Abdula was the first to go down. In a really bright move, Abdula decided to aggressive attack the three T'Skrang he was fighting. As he lifted his giant club to smash all of them, all three T'Skrang ran his though with their rapiers. Abdula crashed to ground with a thud, bleeding profusely. The other party members were soon to follow.

Picking up the slack, T'gar slew twenty-five of the stinky T'Skrang pirates, taking quite a few hits in the process. He had suffered two wounds and was 2 points away from unconsciousness. Just then, a strange little T'Skrang pirate made his way over. He looked exactly the same as any other T'Skrang, but with one important difference; his arms were about one-third the size of normal, and he carried a small dagger instead of a rapier. T'gar laughed at this puny foe and called him "Stubbs". Stubbs began his attack, but T'gar just held his head at arm's length and Stubbs was just slicing at thin air.

After T'gar had scratched Stubbs a few times, the Obsideanman had decided to cast a Mind Dagger spell at Stubbs. It did maximum damage, but for some reason, did not seem to affect Stubbs at all. Could it be that his mind was as tiny as his arms? Stubbs had hit T'gar for one point of damage, but T'gar figured there would be no way Stubbs would hit again, but he was wrong. Stubbs managed to hit for another single point of damage and T'gar fell into unconsciousness. Stubbs then continued over to the Obsidiman, who had full hitpoints, and slew the Obsidiman in three rounds. What will Stubbs do with the unconscious party members? Will the party members ever be able to extract revenge on the almighty Stubbs?
One never know...... one never know.