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The Stats:

Character name:Sik'um "Stubbs" Ril'horn
Hair: N/A
Height: 5'8"
ATTRIBUTES:ValueStepAction Dice
Full 150 ft.Carry 90
Combat 75 ft.Lift 185
Death Rating:36Recovery Tests:3
Wound Threshold:10Recovery Dice:D10
Unconsciouness Rating:28
Avoid Blow282D6
Karma Ritual1N/AN/A
Melee Weapons28 2d6
Pilot Boat 16d10
Throwing Weapons17d12
Unarmed Combat17D12

Special Abilities/Notes
Because Stubb's arms are so short, He has a minus 3 steps to all actions that require the use of his arms. This includes attack tests. The GM should also have Stubbs make a Dex check to get up after he is knocked down. If this test fails, Stubbs is still considered knocked down. (it's hare getting a six foot body up to it's feet with only one and half foot long arms!)
Stubbs is not an intelligent t'skrang. He is pron to act quite stupidly (for example, Stubbs uses short daggers and knives. if he would use a sword or a longer weapon, he could probably hit a lot eaisier.) However, Stubb's stupidy also gives him some advantages. first, his spell defense against all spells that affect his mind is 12 rather than 6. Second, Stubb's gains a +4 to hi mystic armor against all mind attacks that get through.

Designers note: Stubbs was created when the players were attacked by a group of T'Skrangs. There was one T'Skrang who I couldn't hit with so a joke was started that he only had a third the length of arms that normal people have, and to make things worse, I gave him a dagger. Well, it ended up being even more funny because I finally did hit with this T'Skrang and even took a player or two down with him. Famous Quotes

Memorable Moments

Roleplaying Notes


Sik'um "Stubbs" Ril'horn is a fearsome and brutal t'skrang who has a heart of stone. When he was born, Stubbs arms were 1/3 shorter than the rest of his body. His village believed that his arms would eventually grow into the him. They were wrong.

Stubbs has been riticuled and picked on all his life and looked towards the river for sanctuary. He soon found that he couldn't perform the neccessary skills of being a sailor. However, his captain took pitty on him and allowed him to stay on the crew. The captain soon found Stubbs usefullness when there ship was attacked. Stubbs' opponent made fun of his ridiculasly short arms. Stubbs became angry and charged his opponent. He stabbed the man with his weapon over and over and over again. Long after the battle was over, Stubbs had continued to hack at the now blood-covered hunk of meat.