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"A person has a chance to be great once or twice in his life. The only exception is me."---Sibone Quijire, elven swordswoman and leader of the Spinning Star, said to her opponent during a duel.

The Stats:

Character name:Waylorn 'Spider' Bedwyr
Hair: Bald
Height: 6'3"
Weight:165 lbs
ATTRIBUTES:ValueStepAction Dice
Full 180 ft.Carry 125
Combat 90 ft.Lift 250
Death Rating:31Recovery Tests:2
Wound Threshold:8Recovery Dice:D8
Unconsciouness Rating:22
Avoid Blow182D6
Karma Ritual1N/AN/A
Maneuver29 D8+D6
Melee Weapons 29D8+D6
Wound Balance17D12
Elven Lore1KnowledgeD12
History of the Scourge1Knowledge D12
Acrobatics 1Active2D6
Dwarven Read and Write1LanguageD12
Elven Read and Write1LanguageD12

Rapier -- Waylorn uses a rapier in combat. This weapon does step 2 damage. The gripping on rapiers is better than most swords and so a Good Success is needed to disarm this weapon.
Main-Gauche -- Waylorn also uses a main Gauche. This weapon, when used during a round that no attacks are made, give a +2 to his physical defense.
Weapon Breaker -- The weapon breaker functions as a dagger until a button is pressed which releases two mor blades. The blades catch swords between them and with a twist of the wrist, the sword caught snaps. To see if a weapon gets caught and snaps, the player rolls and attack test, needing to get a good success. If a weapon is caught, roll the damage step (strength step + 8. Note that this damage step is only for when trying to break weapons. If it is used on a person, the damage is that of a normal dagger.) The target number is 5 * the damage step of the weapon. For example, a broad sword, in order to be broken by the weapon breaker, can withstand up to 25 damage. (step 5. 5*5 = 25).
Hindrance (one eye) -- Any perception tests that require sight have a +2 to the target number. Waylorn also suffers this +2 target number when using missle weapons.

Famous Quotes

Memorable Moments

Roleplaying Notes

Waylorn is a ladies man in ever sense of the word. He is charming and dashing and many women find him irresistable. (or at least that's what he thinks!) Waylorn believes that friendships are the driving force in life. The closer of a friend you are to him, the more risks he will take for you. Waylorn may be a bit naive towards people, esspecially when it comes to his relationship with women. He assumes that people are generally good and kind-hearted and so he makes friends easily, and also he can be befriended easy. If someone he considers a friend betrays him, he takes it quite personal. He becomes depressed and feels used. For the most part, he doesn't feel a sense of seeking revenge against friends that do him wrong. He is more concerned with their motive and why they would betray the friendship. For really close friends, he will seek out to find these answers and forgives them quite easily.


Waylorn's history is threaded with a fight for love. Upon becoming an adept, Waylorn was eager to travel the world. He found himself in the city of Urupa. It was here, in Urupa, that he met the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. She was a human girl named Sasha DeBurke. Sasha came from a poor family. Sasha and her mother worked as hand servants for a wealthy man named Ryshad. Duke Ryshad was an arrogant and pompous man. He had wealth and he believed that whatever he could not get with his high status, and good looks, he could buy with his silver. Duke Ryshad had seen the beauty that Sasha held. But Ryshad was not looking for love. He was looking for pleasure.

Waylorn had met Sasha in the market of Urupa. Sasha was looking to purchase ripe fruit for her employer. She went to pick up an apple from a basket when a hand quickly snatched the one she was going for. She looked up and say an elven man. He grinned wily at her, took a step closer and placed the apple in the basket she held. He then took the basket from her and carried it while she went about picking out all the goods she was to purchase. The two talked for hours in the market place while she did her shopping. It was clear that Sasha didn't need to purchase half the items she had placed in the basket, but out of fear that this man that she found herself attracted to would disappear out of her life as quickly as he had arrived, she continued to shop. She knew that Duke Ryshad would be angry with her for taking so long, but she did not care. By the end of the day, the two had learned so much about the other. They had agreed to meet again some night.

Weeks had passed and The two spent all their spare time together. Sasha continued to make spare time, which made the duke even more angry. After three weeks of this, the duke became fed up with Sasha's behavior. He knew that something was not right, so he sent his most trusted body guard, a t'skrang named Greco Skiet, to follow Sasha and discover what she was doing. Greco followed the girl to Waylorn. He watched the two spend time together. Once he had seen enough, Greco came out from the shadows, grabbed Sasha by the wrist and dragged her back to Duke Ryshad. Waylorn called out to her to met him again that night.

Days past and Waylorn had not seen or heard from Sasha. On the third day, a light tapping came on Waylorn's door. He answered it and it was Sasha's mother. She had tears in her eyes. She told Waylorn of how the Duke had beat Sasha. This threw Waylorn into a rage. He grabbed his sword, put on his boots, and stormed off to the Duke's mansion. He easily climbed of the wall and began his search for Sasha and the Duke. He entered a large hall, and found the Duke, Sasha, and Greco. Sasha was in tears, and Waylorn could see the cuts and bruises on her face. Waylorn drew the sword for it's scabbard and came out into the hall. The duke looked up and Greco had already drawn his sword and stepped between Ryshad and Waylorn. Waylorn yelled out a challenge to Ryshad. Greco told Waylorn that he was to deal with him first. The two began to duel. Greco, within the first minute of the battle, slashed Waylorn's face, hitting his left eye. Waylorn was in great amount of pain and thought he would pass out, but the thought of Sasha in tears drove him on. The battle continued on for nearly 10 minutes, neither one of the combatants giving any ground. In a matter of moments, however, Waylorn did a spinning attack towards Greco, catching the t'skrang off balance. The downward motion of Waylorn's swing hit and severed Greco's tail clean off. The t'skrang collapsed in pain. Waylorn, bloodied and battered, bleeding profusely from his empty eye socket, stepped menacingly towards Ryshad. With one swift motion, he lunged at him. The duke grabbed Sasha and pulled her in front of him, the blade pierced Sasha's heart. Waylorn collapsed with Sasha to the floor. He looked into her dying eyes and he gave her a look of pure grief and anguish. She mouthed the words "I love you" before slipping into the shadows of death. Ryshad had summoned guards at this point, and they grabbed Waylorn and dragged him off.

They tied waylorns arms to a large, heavy pipe that they strung up over his shoulders. They then took him to the docks, and under the cover of night, pushed the elf in the water. He sunk to the depths of the harbor, and just waited to die. But then something happened. Waylorn saw a vision of Sasha. She told him to fight. To go on and live. She said she would wait for him in the heavens. At this point, the chains to Waylorn's bonds slipped off and he swam to the surface. It was that day that he had made an oath to Sasha that Ryshad would pay for the crimes he committed against their love.