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<Fan Fics> I've collected together some of my fave fanfics. So enjoy...

A Favour for Scully - Scarlet Scully
Summary: Scully needs Mulder to help her save face with her friends
Rating: PG
Why: It's just a great concept, wonderfully written. Just enjoy

About Last night: A Favour for Scully II - Scarlet Scully
Summary: Mulder and Scully confront each other about the events of the night before
Rating: PG
Why: Well,you gotta find out what happens next don'tcha!

Austin Revisted by Pita1013
Summary: Scully's unfortunate matchmaking attempts teach a lot of people about themselves.
Rating: PG
Why: It's based on Austen, what can I say! And Pita1013's right, read the book; its great. As is this XF version.

Being Scully - R J Dawson
Summary: Is Scully having a nervous breakdown? Her thoughts after triangle Rating:PG Why: It's what should have happened after that conversation in Triangle. CC does not like to give us any closure does he?!

Fox - PhileyX
Summary:Ever wonder why Mulder finally kissed Scully on New Year's Eve? Well, here's my theory....
Rating: PG
Why:It's just so damn funny! I don't need any more explanation than that!

Mulder (Sequel to 'Fox') - PhileyX
Summary:So, Mulder managed to resist Scully. Will she be able to resist him? (Read 'Fox' first, it'll be easier to follow the story)
Why: I think it's time for the tables to be turned!

Even (Sequel to 'Mulder') - PhileyX
Summary: Whoops! Just a slip of the tongue!
Why:Well, it kinda completes the series dontcha think. And anyway, it'll make ya giggle!

How to Fake an Orgasm - V.Salmone
Summary: Mulder, Scully, and the other woman.
Rating: R for sexiness and language.
Why: Well, please ignore the title Mum if you're reading this! And tho' it was a great fic, the real reason it's here is that wonderful wonderful scene in Scully's kitchen!

Insomnia - Amber
Summary:Scully's thoughts in a first person POV
Rating: PG
Why: It's an amusing look at what happens when it's not only Mulder who can't sleep.

Just You - Kate Morris
Summary: Nightmares aren't always a bad thing...
Rating: PG
Why: It's just loverly, awwww. Sorry that wasn't very descriptive was it? Well tough, you'll just have to read it! Anyway, I am quite proud with this one because I got to read it before it was posted on the net!

Tell me no lies - PhileyX
Summary:None provided
Rating: PG
Why: It's a little look at what happens when the truth is out in the open for a change!

Thoughts by Scully's Evil Sister
Summary: Just a little wonder around Scully's brain.
Rating: U/PG
Why: It were me first fic, alright!

Once Upon a Time... - Scully's Evil Sister
Summary: A beautiful princess, three lone gun fairies, an evil witch and a handsome prince. Sounds like a fairy tale to me. Now are you all sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin...
Rating: U/G
Why: An XF version of Sleeping Beauty, because I believe in happy ever after.

There's quite a bit you don't remember, isn't there! - Scully's Evil Sister
Summary: Scully turns up at Mulder's apartment a little the worse for wear.
Rating: PG
Why: Oh come on, even Scully's gotta let her hair down some time!

Trash Novel - Invisigoth
Summary: Scully reads, and relates to, a trash novel
Rating: None given
Why: Well...We've all done it haven't we, and then pretended that we're far too intellectual for all that junk!

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