"There's quite a bit you don't remember isn't there?"

By Scully's Evil Sister

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Summary: Scully turns up at Mulder's apartment a little the worse for wear.

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Authors notes: Fluff again I'm afraid cos that's what I love! I'm afraid this is not Scully acting in a very Scully like way.


"There's quite a bit you don't remember, isn't there?"

Scully's Evil Sister

"Scully, do you want to come round to my place next to go through that report for Skinner?" I ask.

"Mulder, are you feeling all right? Are you sure that you are not coming down with a fever or something? Or maybe it's my ears because I could have sworn that you just suggested actually doing some paperwork!"

As she says this she walks over to me and places a porcelain hand against her forehead. The softness of her skin makes me...<<Oh shut up Mulder. Stop thinking like this>> She laughs and I do my best 'butter wouldn't melt' face as I say,

"What, me! I always want to do paperwork. It's my favourite part of the job. So how about it, Scully? How could you resist, a cosy evening in with your favourite partner. We don't even have to spend too long on the report, I'm sure that we can find a lot of better things to do with our time."

"Well as tempting as that off sounds, I am afraid that I am going to have to decline. Because I have found something better to do with my time! I am going *out*!" Scully says with a flourish, "I'm meeting some girlfriends that I haven't seen in years."

As she left, she really looked as though she was looking forward to it. So, another evening in alone for me then.


Ok, so I didn't end up at home watching my infamous video collection but I have to say that spending the evening with the Gunmen doesn't quite top the list of exciting bachelor things to do on a Friday night, either. Still, I was glad of the company; it is always refreshing to spend time with people who make me

Look, dare I say it, 'normal'. They had been planning to call me to ask me to go see them to discuss some tapes that they were analysing for me but then Frohike had had the idea that 'the fair Agent Scully', as he put it, may be at my place. This had obviously made my apartment the most agreeable option to him

and he had talked Langley and Byers round to his way of thinking. So that is why they turned up at my door. Poor Frohike had been quite crestfallen when I inform him that Agent Scully was not at my apartment although I must admit I know precisely what he was feeling. Still they stayed, I put aside the report that I

had never really intended to do anyway, I had just taken it home to try to prove to Scully that I do my fair share of paperwork. We are in the middle of discussing a recent case when I hear a banging on my door. I know that it can't be Scully because I have memorised her controlled knock, in the same way that I have memorised everything that I can about her, from the complete range of patented Scully Sceptical looks, to the raised eyebrows and the rarely seen but my favourite Scully smile. I peer through the spy-hole, wondering who on Earth it could be at this time, its not like I have many friends, in fact three quarters of them are in my apartment at the moment. I can't believe it, it *is* Scully. Although she is the person I would most like to be at my front door, I am surprised to see her. But as I open the door, she sways towards it. Much bigger surprise, Scully is drunk? She's usually so controlled and straight.

"Mulder!" she says wrapping her arms around my neck, "Just who I wanted to see!"

I decide not to ask her who else she expected to see when she knocked on my door. Why disturb things when she has her arms around me, its quite a nice place to be. However, Langley calling out to see who it is brings me back to my senses and I carefully remove myself from her grasp and we walk into the apartment.

"Well, *hello* Agent Scully," Frohike jumps to his feet and it is only then that I get a chance to see precisely what he is leering at, Scully looks absolutely gorgeous. Her smart office look is replaced by a low cut figure-hugging tank top and a floor length skirt cut on the bias. My breath catches for a second but when I see Scully go over and kiss Frohike while exclaiming,

"Oh and the lonely gunning people are here too! With my Mulder! This is going to be so much fun!"

I realise that I am really going to have to pay a lot more attention in order to save Scully a little dignity.

"Why don't I take you home, Scully" I offer, talking slowly as if to a child. This is ridiculous in itself, as it would usually mean certain death from a very pissed off FBI agent.

"No. I think I will stay here for a bit, at *Mulder's*. Its nice here," now she was talking in a sing song voice.

"Uh, Byers. Could you get Agent Scully a coffee, please." I ask, realising that Scully would be remaining here, for a bit at least. All I had to do was prevent her embarrassing herself anymore until she sobered up enough to be taken home without a fight.

Too late, she promptly sat herself down on my lap when I suggested that she sit down for a bit. Now, ordinarily I would have said that that was a perfect place for her to sit and it wasn't only my brain that was enjoying this one. The room suddenly seems to be getting an awful lot warmer; my face must be bright red by now. I must stop this immediately before she realises quite how much I am enjoying it. I gently suggest that she sits somewhere else, and Frohike promptly offers himself as a new piece of furniture. I glare at him but it seems Scully doesn't intend on taking him up on his offer.

"No, I want to sit with Mulder. He's lovely."

With that she leans back against my shoulder and begins to plant small kisses along my neck. Shivers race along my spine and I fight against myself as I try to prise her away from me. Byers clears his throat as he places a mug of coffee on the table,

"We'll be off then Mulder, Scully. Are you sure that you are going to be all right here, with her like this?" He asks.

He signals to Frohike as Langley stands to follow him. Frohike sighs, more than a little unwilling to leave. Then he walks over, grabs Scully's hand and tells her,

"You're coming with us aren't you, Scully? Why stay here with him, when you can have me?"

There is a definite leer as he pushes his face closer to hers.

"FROHIKE!" I say sternly to Scully's other admirer.

"Ok, ok. I'm leaving, but why should he get to take advantage of the lovely Agent Scully when she is in this state and I have to leave...." He left grumbling to himself as the three Lone Gunmen let themselves out of my apartment and left me alone with Scully.

"Good, now we have some time to ourselves," Scully whispers in a low husky voice into my ear. Wooa, she must have known what sort of an affect that would have on me. Must fight it, must fight it. This is my best friend here. I must not take advantage of the situation, as much as I may want to. I know that this is all

just the alcohol talking, as I know that she is not interested in me in that way. I stand up, forcing Scully to stand also and hand her the mug of coffee. It's a good strong cup; I can smell it from here. I tell her to drink

it and she pulls a face, a face that is definitely not in my collection of Scully faces! Not the most professional looking I have ever seen her, for sure!

"Drink now, and then we'll see what we'll do later, " I tell her.

Reluctantly she sits down with the coffee and begins to drink it. While she seems quiet and settled I hurry off into the kitchen to bring back the rest of the jug. I have a feeling that she will need a lot more than one cup of coffee to sober her up.

Ohmigod! I just walked into the lounge and there she was, lying on the couch in only her underwear. I feel my heart beat almost treble and my hands begin to shake. Again, I am re-engaged in my internal war. Mind against body. The body's going to win...no...it won't...I WILL NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY PARTNER...I WILL NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY PARTNER.

"Muuulder. Come over to me, I want to tell you something," Scully purrs. <<Did I seriously just describe Scully as purring? I must be going utterly deranged, she would put a bullet through my head for less>>

"What do you want to tell me?" I ask.

"Just that I love you," she replied.

My heart missed a beat, no I lie, it missed more like a dozen beats and I am sure that the room started to spin. But I must control myself; these are the words of a very drunk Scully. There is nothing else for it; I will just have to tell her it straight,

"You are only saying that because you are drunk and I don't want you to say or do anything more that you will regret tomorrow."

"No that's not true. I'm only saying it now because now I feel brave. I can do anything I want now. And I know what I want..." as she said this she began to walk towards me, well try to anyhow; she seemed to have a great deal of trouble focussing on where she was going.

I close my eyes against what my heart so desires, I am still battling with myself but within me there is now a glimmer of hope, what if what she said is true? Can it be possible that Scully really loves me? I have to find out but she starts talking again,

"I fell in love with you on the first case in Oregon, at the motel when you first told me about Samantha."

Now I know that it must be true, not even a very drunk Scully would try to use Samantha's name to get what she wanted. My heart starts to beat even faster and I feel as though I can barely stand. And then I see that I am not the only one having that problem, Scully sways forwards and I catch her. Seating her down on the couch, I cannot stop thinking about what she has said. I turn to her to tell her that I love her too but it is too late, she is fast asleep and snoring lightly. I pick her up as gently as I can and carry her into my little used bedroom where I place her under the duvet and leave her sleeping peacefully.



Scully POV:

Owwww. My head is pounding and my room is spinning around me. Its spinning so fast in fact that it doesn't even look like my room, it looks far more like Mulder's. Oh no...It is Mulder's room. Why in hell have I woken up in Mulder's bed? Maybe I just crashed here the night as I had a little too much to drink. Ok, so why am I in my underwear? Now the pounding in my head is not what is most worrying me. I stagger out of bed and hurriedly put on my clothes, which are piled neatly beside it. I head out to the kitchen in search or answers.

"Mulder...What exactly happened last night?" I ask him deciding that I might as well be completely open.

"Well, what do you remember?" he answers cautiously. Now that worried me and confused me. He seemed to be in need of answers as well. What did he so want to know and what was there that I have forgotten?

"MULDER, WHAT DID I DO LAST NIGHT?" Ok so I probably shouldn't take it out on him but I really need to know, "Did I embarrass myself?"

"Truthfully?" he asks, I nod with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, "Yes, you did embarrass yourself." He answers me.

Oh no, what did I do? Then another thought hits me, what did I say? Did I say too much? Does he know? I sink down onto a chair. It must be better for me to find out what I did, mustn't it? Anyway, it can't be that bad, can it?


Mulder POV:

Scully really looks worried as I see her slump down onto one of my chairs. I contemplate what to say to her, should I tell her the truth? I decide that I must, we have always trusted each other, and I cannot betray that now.

"Ok, so it is true that you embarrassed yourself but after that we had a good talk and..."

At this I see her face blanch and her mouth open to explain away what she must realise she said. I continue before she can speak,

"I love you too."

Her mouth remains open but she is no longer trying to interrupt.

So I continue again,

"You see, you fell asleep before I had a chance to speak. You know, you're awfully bolshy when you're drunk!"

I see a smile grow on her lips and her arm moves out to hit me. So I just kiss her. Just like that. For seven years I have waited to do that, have fantasised about and longed for the time when I would be able to kiss Special Agent Dana Scully, the woman I love. This time there are no disease carrying bees to interrupt us, there is just Scully and me. We kiss for what seems like forever then I remember something and laugh,

"This is really going to upset poor Frohike, you know. You really shouldn't have kissed him and led him on last night like you did..." I get the glare I was aiming for and duck in preparation before I speak again, "Or don'tcha remember that either?"



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