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A Favor for Scully (1/1)

FBI Headquarters Washington, DC June 14, 1996 9:07 AM

Scully sat on the corner of Mulder's desk for about the tenth time in the past 3 hours. She thought about the favor she was about to ask him and all she had done to try to swing the odds of him accepting her way. For starters, she had arrived almost 3 hours early to work just to make sure that she beat the workaholic (now there's an understatement if I ever heard one) to work. Of course, today would be one of those rare, if not nonexistent, occasions when her partner was actually *late* for work. She had made this morning's coffee just the way he liked it: like mud. She drank the last two pots of mud herself and had just finished brewing a third. Her fingers were starting to burn when she realized she was still holding the fresh cup she had poured for him. Placing the cup on his desk, she shook her head at herself. (Mulder doesn't care that he makes coffee in the morning. I only think he will appreciate it because I appreciate it so much when he does it for me everyday.) Crossing her legs and smoothing down her cream skirt, she smiled at herself, thinking about her choice of clothes this morning. A slim-fitting skirt that ended just above her knees with a short slit over her left thigh. (A little daring for the FBI), but she was almost certain that they wouldn't be seeing anyone official today, so she risked it. Her blouse was white and sleeveless and she had one more button opened this morning. (Every little bit helps), she mused. She was about to get up and top off her own cup when the door opened. "Hey, Scully. Sorry I'm late. Would you believe I slept in?" "No, I wouldn't, but I did bring you breakfast today. Maybe I'm psychic or something." She handed him a small bag, knowing he'd enjoy the two lemon-filled donuts inside. He smiled at her. "Psychic, hey? Maybe, I can make a believer out of you yet. Did you have a good night last night?" He mumbled around a mouthful of doughnut. "Oh, you know, same old must see TV and all that. Good thing I don't watch all that often. At least when it's time for summer repeats, I haven't actually seen that many." She handed him his cup of coffee as he sat down. He raised his eyebrow and smiled at her. "Breakfast *and* coffee, what's gotten into you? Are you trying to hit me up for a favor or some money or something, Scully?" She stood up and walked around his desk to her side. She thought she saw the hint of a smile as he got a full look at her outfit. (I'm glad I took off my jacket.) "No Mulder, I just thought I'd be nice and treat you for a change." At that, he shrugged and turned to a file on his desk. She sat in her chair and held back a sigh. (I spent 3 hours waiting for him so I could ask first thing in the morning and when I had the chance, what did I do, I chickened out. No wonder you're faced with being the last single member of your college group of friends.) As she booted up her computer, she thought about the way she felt when she opened her mailbox two months ago, finding the invitation to Lisa's wedding. She didn't keep in close contact with any of her old college friends, but they had all attended each other's weddings. There had even been a couple of baby showers. The last wedding had been a few years ago and she and Lisa had still been able to reasonably declare their love of the single life. But now, they were all older, and she was the last. The day she received that invitation, she resolved that she would not attend alone. Completing the RSVP for two, she sealed and mailed it before she could change her mind. At two months prior to the wedding, her chances for meeting a perspective date were slim to be sure. At one week before, she decided that she would ask Mulder. Of course, deciding and doing were two different things. On Monday, she was sure he would be free, but was unable to ask. Now it was Friday, *the* day before, and even Mulder could have something planned for tomorrow. (Why don't I just ask him?) She demanded of herself. (Because you're afraid to let him know how insecure you really are, and how much the opinions of others, even those you rarely see, matter to you.) She sighed at the admission, seeing the truth behind it. That was how the whole problem had started. She cared what her friends would think of her loveless life, so she pretended to have a date. Now, she cared too much about what Mulder thought of her, to ask him to bail her out of a silly situation. Another sigh. "Um, Scully?" (Oh, shit. He heard me sigh.) "What, Mulder?" "Is there something bothering you? Did I forget to compliment you on your new outfit or something? If I did, I'm sorry. I noticed though, and I do approve." This last was said with a devilish glint in his eyes. At that, she just raised her eyebrow at him and glanced at her watch. It was already 11:00 am and she was starving. (Of course you're starving Dana, you haven't eaten anything since 5 am, and that was just yogurt.) Now she knew how to save face. "Mulder, how about we take off early for a long lunch? I feel like getting out of the basement. I'm sure it's a nice day." "Sure, Scully. Where to?"


Old Ebbitt Grill 12:42 PM

Scully finished spooning the last of her frozen yogurt into her mouth. (Yogurt, twice in the same day?) She shrugged to herself. She didn't care. It had tasted good and she couldn't resist, what with the weather being so nice and after having lunch on the patio. Besides, it was another way to put off the purpose of the lunch. "Well, was it worth it?" Mulder asked, breaking her from her euphoria. She smiled back. "It was worth every dime." "Oh no. I'm buying. It's the least I can do after getting to watch you eat it." She felt her face begin to blush and turned her eyes down. (Damn, I hate being a redhead! I better ask him soon though. I'm sure we'll be leaving.) "Um, Mulder?" "Yeah, Scully." "Remember this morning -- when you asked me if I needed something from you?" He nodded. "Well...actually... I...uh...lied. I do. I need you to do me a big favor." "Sure, Scully, anything." His voice and, when she raised her eyes to look at him, his eyes, had softened. "I'm going to a wedding tomorrow night and I kinda said I would bring a date --" "Is that all? Scully, you didn't have to buy me lunch so I'd go on a date with you. You could've called me and asked the old-fashioned way." "It's not that -- I don't mean -- I mean -- I didn't say I was buying!" Mulder laughed at her flustered response. He covered her hand with his. Now she felt worse for allowing herself to be drawn out by his taunts. "It's not that simple, Mulder. I don't want you to go as just my date. I want you to pretend to be my fiance." She looked up quickly, just long enough to see the confusion in his eyes. Had she looked longer, she would have seen a flicker of something else. Hope. "There's this group of girls that I hung around with in college, and well, we were pretty close back then. Lately, we haven't seen each other much, but I've been to all their weddings. Well, almost all. Lisa's is tomorrow. After that, I'll be the only one left. The only one who hasn't invited all her old friends to watch her walk down the aisle." Her voice had a sharp tone of sarcasm and a slight twinge of regret. Mulder didn't know what to say. Here was his partner, his Scully, baring her soul to him and he didn't know what to say. He knew it must've taken alot for her to work up the nerve to ask him this, to let him see her in a vulnerable light. He knew how strong and independent she tried to be. He felt guilty. It was this work, this life, that had kept Scully from getting to the end of the aisle first. He felt guilty not only because it was his work, but also because he dreaded the night when he called her house and she wasn't home, or God forbid, someone else answered. He was happy he didn't have to share her with anyone else. The silence stretched. "I don't regret any of the choices I've made, Mulder. And, mostly, I'm satisfied with my life and I accept the sacrifices I've made. It's just that I know they won't understand. I know they'll be throwing pitying looks my way when I turn my back and there will be whispers and I don't want that." He sympathized with his partner. "Okay Scully. Will you marry me? What time do I pick you up for the ceremony tomorrow?" She turned her eyes down again. "Actually, the wedding's in Harrisburg. I have a room reserved at the Howard Johnson, where the reception is going to be. We have to leave tonight." "Geez, you could give a guy a little notice." His devilish grin again. "Okay, we'll go back to the office, make an appearance and then I'll head home to pack. I'll pick you up when I'm done." He heard her sigh of relief. "And Scully," she looked up at him. "Are you going to wait until we get there to tell me if it's black tie or not?" She smiled. "Black tie, Mulder, no little green men. And thanks, I owe you one." "Do I get to choose how I collect, *dear*?"


Interstate 83 - North 6:03 PM

They spent most of the car ride in an uncomfortable silence. Well, maybe it wasn't uncomfortable for Mulder, but it was definitely awkward for Scully. She was still coping with his new knowledge of her insecurity, the advantage he now held in their relationship. "So, what's the game plan?" Mulder's voice drew Scully from her thoughts. "What 'game plan'?" "Well, they are going to ask questions. How did we meet? When is the big day? How did I propose? Are you knocked up?" Scully laughed in spite of herself. "Mulder, we want to keep this as simple as possible. We met at work, we haven't set a date yet and no, I'm not 'knocked up'." "Well, you know, it's not too late to change that last part," he grinned at her. "But you forgot to tell me how I proposed, or was it you who proposed to me?" Scully let out a frustrated sigh. "I don't know, Mulder. I tell you what. You can just make that part up, just make sure you let me know before you start spreading the story around." "No problem, Dana." The use of her first name caught her by surprise and she snapped her eyes from the road to look at him. "And, I think if we're engaged to be married, as much as I hate it, you should probably call me Fox."


Howard Johnson Hotel Harrisburg, PA 8:22 PM

Scully checked them in, completely ignoring Mulder as she realized they would be sharing the same room. Of course, they would have to, to keep up appearances, but she hadn't really thought about her plan that far ahead. (What's your problem, Dana?) She scolded herself. (You're both adults, it's not like there's a problem having both of you in the same room.) The rest of the evening was uneventful. They ordered room service and watched cheesy movies on the hotel cable channel. Much to her relief, Mulder made himself a bed on the sofa in their room, claiming it was where he would sleep most comfortably anyway. Scully tucked herself into the bed as he emerged from the bathroom after changing. She tried to hide the smile on her face as she took in his well-muscled form clad only in black boxers. "G'night, Mulder," she murmured, rolling to put her back to him. She closed her eyes feeling the sleep tug at her eyes as she tried to drive away thoughts of the scantily clad man lying less than five feet from her side

. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Howard Johnson Hotel Room 610 June 15, 1996 3:10 PM

Mulder was getting antsy. He hated to just sit around and wait and do nothing for any length of time. He regretted not bringing some files to go over, but he had been too excited over the prospect of spending a weekend with Scully to think about the hours before they went to the wedding. Well, actually, they had already attended the 'wedding', it was the reception that was up next. The ceremony itself had been pretty standard, according to Mulder. A church, a bride in too much white lace and beads and whatever else they could throw on a dress, and some old ladies crying as the vows progressed. He was pleased that Scully had not been reduced to tears as so many women usually were. It's not that he didn't recognize the weight of the ceremony -- two people confessing their feelings in front of a crowded room, and promising to feel that way, no matter what, forever. He just couldn't understand why people cried over their happiness and their ability to embrace it. He and Scully had snuck in right in the middle of all the arriving guests, chosen seats in the middle of the church and left afterwards, barely noticed. He was actually grateful for her discretion, because, although he looked forward to playing the role of her lover, he found it difficult to slide into the part at eleven o'clock in the morning after a sleepless night spent trying to not think of her in exactly that way. "Hey, Scully, what time did you say the reception was at again?" His stomach was growling. "We have about two hours still," her voice was muffled through the bathroom door. "Why don't you go grab some lunch? I should be finished getting ready by the time you're back. Then the bathroom will be all yours." "Sure. Do you want me to bring you back something?" "Yeah, anything. Thanks." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

He had deliberately taken his time during lunch, reading the weekend paper from cover to cover, hoping to pass the time quickly. He approached their hotel room, carrying a tuna sandwich for Scully, hoping that it was something she was in the mood for, preparing for another long wait staring at the TV. He opened the door and almost dropped the package he was carrying. There, standing before him, had to be the most exquisite creature he had ever laid eyes on. Scully had taken her red locks and twisted them atop her head and little ringlets of hair escaped in places, framing her face, coming around her graceful neck and along her bare shoulder. She wore a deep green dress, so dark it almost looked black, the color setting off her pale skin and flaming tresses. The dress hugged her body, revealing the curve of her hips from her narrow waist. Two thin straps held the dress up from her shoulders, and a brilliant necklace ended in a point that enticingly indicated the direction of the slight cleavage she revealed. The dress was floor length and as she approached him, the movement revealed the slit reaching the middle of her thigh. "Geez, Mulder, I'm starving. What took you so long?" He stared at her dumbfounded. "Uh...sorry, I, uh, didn't think you'd be ready. God, you are beautiful." She smiled at him, glad to see him stammer, to feel as though she had the upper hand, or at least, was equal again. She took the sandwich from him and moved to the table in the corner. "Hurry up, I don't want to be late and it's starts in a half hour." At this last movement, he noticed a sparkle from her left hand, and he raised an eyebrow at her, looking at the diamond ring nestled there. "I borrowed it from my mother. That would be a pretty big detail to leave out." She bit into the sandwich and he numbly turned and headed for the shower. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Together they walked down the hall towards the elevator. Scully smiled to herself as she felt relieved by the familiar pressure of his hand at the small of her back. The feeling, although familiar, also sent a charge of electricity along her spine -- she had never felt his hand against her bare skin, at least not like this, and she could barely control the small shivers his touch sent through her body. Mulder, for his own part, was trying to find an excuse to remove his hand once he had performed the habitual movement. Her skin was so soft. It took most of his conscious thought to stop his fingers from slowly caressing that sensuous skin and exploring further the areas both hidden and exposed by the dress -- The dress that hid everything while exposing so much -- The dress that promised so much yet gave so little. He was still getting over seeing Scully in that dress. (I don't know how I'm ever going to pull this charade off with drool hanging off my chin. She should've warned me.) Thankfully, the escape he had been seeking came as they arrived at the elevator. Slowly, he moved his hand from the small of her back to push the call button. Scully tried to hide the disappointment mingled with relief from her face, while attempting to ease the uncomfortable silence that had emerged at that innocent touch. "So, Mulder, you never told me how you proposed." "Uh, yeah, I was thinking about that. I think we'll just keep it simple. You know, dinner, candles, champagne, all the bells and whistles." "Gee, Mulder, I thought I'd be worth a little more creativity than that." "Well, Scully, you would be, if it were the real thing, but since it's not, I'd rather not reveal any of my secrets." (Hah), he thought, (take that. That's for not warning me about the dress.) "Hey, *Dana*, I thought we were on a first name basis now." "Actually, I thought about that, and, even if we were engaged, I don't think I'd want to call you by a name you hated. I think I'm going to stick with Mulder, but I kind of like you calling me Dana. It's your call though." The elevator signaled their arrival at the first floor. "After you, Dana, dear." Mulder waved his arm in front of him with flourish. Scully giggled. "Let's leave out the dear, okay. It makes me feel like I'm about fifty." "Your wish is my command." Mulder smiled as she giggled again. He put his hand at the small of her back, again. "Let the show go on, or should I say, begin." Together, smiles on their faces, they entered the reception hall.


They got through the receiving line without any hassles. Scully simply introduced Mulder to her friends without any preamble. "Hi Lisa, congratulations. This is Fox Mulder. Hello, Rob nice to meet you. I suppose congratulations are in order, or maybe sympathies, considering you're stuck with her for the rest of your life." A smile, light laughter, a couple more handshakes and they were through. Scully actually breathed a sigh of relief. "Let's find where we're seated." After finding their seats, Mulder motioned to the bar. "Do you want a drink, Sc...Dana?" She smiled at his error. "You have a photographic memory, but you can't remember the name of your fiancee. Shame on you, Mulder. I don't think I want anything yet. It'll be hard enough to keep up this ruse without alcohol in the way." "C'mon Dana, lighten up. Is it really that hard for you to remember that you're hopelessly in love with me, engaged to marry me and here to have the time of your life before you settle down with me to quit your job, and spend most of the next decade barefoot and pregnant?" This, to Mulder's delight, elicited another giggle. (I never thought I'd hear Dana Scully giggle, let alone more than once in the same night. And, the night is still young.) "Okay, Mulder, you win. A glass of wine, white zinfandel, if they have it." Mulder made a face at her too proper choice of drinks. (Wine. Why can't she just let loose a little.) Upon returning with the drinks, he found her engrossed in conversation with the two couples apparently sharing the table with them. He placed the drink in front of her while taking his seat beside her. "Thanks, Mulder." She smiled around her glass, taking a drink. "I'd like you to meet Amy and her husband Jeff, and Julie and her husband Mike. This is my fiance, Fox Mulder." Mulder rose slightly to shake everyone's hand. After greetings were exchanged, Julie leaned towards Dana. "Did you just call him Mulder?" "It's partly from habit, I guess," she laughed while turning slightly towards Mulder, "we were partners together in the FBI before, well, before. Besides, he hates the name Fox. I couldn't bear to see him cringe every time I called his name. I mean, were not even married yet. I hope it would take a few years before you dread hearing me call your name, *Fox*." She smiled up at Mulder as the table broke into light laughter. (Oh God, are you ever beautiful), she thought to herself. (This is the first time I really looked at him, since before this whole favor thing came about.) She caught herself smiling admiringly as she took in his elegant form in his black tuxedo, the line of his jaw, the laughter in his eyes, and the smile on his full lips. She inhaled deeply, closing her eyes. (What would I give to feel that gorgeous mouth against mine.) She opened her eyes quickly. (Where did that come from?) Then she shook her head to clear her thoughts. (No time for introspection tonight.) "Gee, I had always cursed my parents for their lack of originality," Jeff mused from the other side of Mulder. "But 'Fox' is definitely not a name I'd relish answering to. Did you ever ask your parents what they were thinking?" "Actually," he answered, "they *like* the name. Maybe it was hopeful thinking on my mother's part. You know, hoping I'd grow up to be a *Fox*, lucky with the ladies and all that." Everyone started laughing again. Mulder leaned towards Dana and put his arm around her, pressing a kiss against her ear. "Thanks for sticking with Mulder," he whispered. "I couldn't bear hearing you call me Fox all night." She smiled back at him, taking another drink from her wine. "Looks like they're getting ready to close down the bar for dinner. Does anyone need a refill?" Mike stood, glancing around the table. Just about everyone indicated that they did, so Mulder rose. "I'll give you a hand. Dana?" He looked at her questioningly. "The usual?" She nodded yes. As they left, Amy looked at Jeff and he quickly excused himself. Apparently, it was 'men's work' or at least time for 'girl talk'. "So, the FBI. That's where you met him. You guys were partners?" Julie had already begun the interrogation Dana had expected. She glanced toward the bar, seeing that the men would be gone for quite some time. Mike hadn't been the only one to notice the bar trying to close down. "Actually, we still are partners." "Your boss doesn't have a problem with that?" Amy asked, joining the interrogation. "No, not really," she lied. Actually, there were rules against this sort of thing, but her two friends didn't know enough about the FBI to know that. "Don't you find it hard working with him all day and seeing him at night too?" "Actually, if we didn't work together, then we'd have to go days, even weeks, without seeing each other. And we don't spend all our working time together. There are still times during investigations when it's better if we work apart instead of side by side." (Or times when he just ditches me), she grimaced at the reminder. "What do you do, in the FBI? I mean, what kind of cases do you investigate?" Julie asked eagerly. "It seems like it would be really exciting, solving crimes, murders, getting the bad guys." Dana took a deep breath. She hadn't really decided if she wanted to tell the truth about their work. She was afraid they would ridicule Mulder's quest, not realizing how much it meant to him. She was afraid they would think as all the other agents in the bureau did, and snicker to themselves about Mr. and Mrs. Spooky Mulder. (I can't really reasonably talk about any other division, can I? Besides, Mulder might mistake my lie for embarrassment about our work. I can't do that to him, especially after what he's doing for me.) Dana realized she had become lost in her private debate and her two friends were looking at her expectantly. "We are in the division called the X-Files," she answered. (Who am I kidding, we *are* the X-Files.) "The X-Files? What are they?" "They're unsolved cases," she explained hesitantly. "Cases that can't be solved or explained, possibly, because there is a paranormal or extraterrestrial component to them." She was forming her words carefully. "Paranormal? You mean like ghosts and aliens and things like that?" Julie asked incredulously. "Well, sometimes. Sometimes, the people involved think there is alien involvement, when really it is something else entirely. Mostly, Mulder gathers evidence and I work to find some kind of scientific proof that there is no paranormal involvement." "So, can you tell us about a time when it was aliens? Or a time when they thought it was aliens and it wasn't?" Julie was definitely intrigued by their work. Scully hesitated, not really sure what cases were definitely solved and safe to discuss. "I haven't really seen any solid proof of alien involvement," she hesitated again. The only case that came to mind that was definitely closed, with no hope of it ever opening again was Donnie Pfaster. Looking at her expectant friends, she started talking again. "There are alot of cases we can't talk about because they aren't closed. There was this one that we got called to investigate. The local law thought aliens were involved. There had been several dead bodies dug up at a cemetery, their hair cut off and their fingers removed." Both women gasped. Before they could ask any questions, she continued. "It was actually a fetishist. A sick man who got off on dead women and their body parts: specifically, hair and fingers. We caught him after he had killed his first victim. He started killing to get the dead body parts." Mulder had come back in time to hear her relating the case to her friends. He put his hand on her shoulder, for comfort. (What made her tell them about that?) She smiled up at him. "I was just telling them about work. About how some people jump to conclusions and assume there are aliens involved, when in reality it's just your ordinary psychopath." He could feel the emotion in his eyes as he looked down at her. "It's a good thing we caught him before he got to his second victim." (What an understatement! I don't even want to imagine what would've happened if I hadn't gotten there in time.) He felt tears threaten in his eyes. Blinking them away, he just sat down, not trusting his voice to speak. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The dinner conversation had lightened up again and the dinner progressed smoothly. They had all laughed over each couple's humorous tales of their lives: stories from work and tales of all the cute things two-year-olds could do and say. Mulder and Scully had just finished relating one of their more humorous cases -- the one that took place where all those 'carnies' had set up camp. "I can't believe it -- it was the Siamese twin -- the one that was just legs sticking out from the guy's body?" Jeff was definitely not a believer. "What did you guys do when you caught him -- I mean how do you cuff something like that?" "I don't know. I never thought about it while we looked for him, um, it." Scully giggled. Dinner had been long and the two bottles of wine were long gone. She was pretty sure they were all feeling the after effects while debating logistics of handcuffing a separated Siamese twin and its rights to life. "We never actually caught him," Mulder continued. "But there weren't any more deaths. I guess he just died -- he couldn't live without his brother." He snickered a little. The first dance for the bride and groom had started and everyone turned to watch the couple dance to their wedding song: 'Here and Now'. Julie whispered to the table, "you'd think she could have come up with something a little more original. I mean, this is *thee* most common wedding song, probably, of the century." (That's right), Dana remembered. (She had always been the one to speak her mind, whether they were good or bad thoughts.) "Well, it is a nice song," Amy commented. (And Amy could always find the good side of things, without lying.) She smiled to remember all the details of her friends' personalities, surprised that she recalled them so easily. "Still, it doesn't really have any character," Julie continued her criticism. "I give them two years before they split." The DJ had started the next song, calling up the parents of the bride and groom and the members of the wedding party. "I wonder why she didn't ask any of us to stand up for her?" Julie questioned. "Probably because neither of you asked her to stand up for you, and you hardly talk to each other anymore." Jeff had teasingly put her in her place for her catty behavior. "So, Dana," Julie turned the conversation to her friend. "When are you two going to do the deed - - and are you going to ask us to take part or just have us criticize you from the background." Scully could see the humor in her remark, but was suddenly unsure of her response. Her original 'we haven't set a date yet' seemed pretty weak now. "Um, well, we actually haven't made any definite plans yet." "So you're still in the engagement land of limbo. You know, just one step above the dating land of limbo." It was a statement, not a question and Dana was reminded of her reasons for her deception in the first place. Even though she had even showed off her ring, there were still questions about her success at this part of life that they had both, so obviously, succeeded at. Just as she was about to open her mouth, to say what, she had no clue, she heard Mulder's voice above the music. "Our work makes it difficult to make any definite plans in the future. Most likely, we'll just find a break in our case load and take off for a week in the Caribbean and have a small ceremony and honeymoon all in one." He looked down and smiled at the relief plainly evident in her eyes. "We've been very busy since I proposed over -- geez, Dana, it has been six months already, hasn't it?" She nodded dumbly. "Well, I'm sure we'll find time soon." With that, he squeezed her hand and planted a quick kiss on her forehead. "Would you like to dance?" "I'd love to," she answered. She hadn't even realized that a new song had started and that other couples had begun drifting onto the dance floor. Once she was in his arms and safe from her friends' ears, she thanked him. "You have been the perfect fiance tonight and definitely a good actor," she laughed a little. "I couldn't have come up with that excuse to save my life." He looked down at her, a stern expression on his face. "Agent Scully, I suggest that you stay in character, lest anyone discover the truth." She laughed wholeheartedly this time, her head tossing back slightly as she did so. Recovering, she snuggled up close to her partner (don't you mean lover) for the remainder of the song, not even recognizing the melody. (I don't deserve you Fox Mulder, but I'll take you while I can.) As the song ended, he leaned close to her ear: "Let's grab a drink -- a real one this time." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Almost two hours later, Mulder was sitting back at the table, watching a slightly drunken Dana Scully perform the 'hustle'. Well, actually she was trying her best to keep up with the rest of the pack, but her long dress, high heels and intoxicated state were hampering her abilities somewhat. He laughed to himself taking in the sight of the elegant attire lost in the clumsy movements. (Why is it that people always get so dressed up to make such fools of themselves? If we were smart, we'd all show up for weddings dressed in workout attire.) Breathless, she returned to the table, plopping down next to him. "I've always wanted to try that dance. I think I finally got it down, too." Her words were slightly slurred, and there was a pleasing flush to her cheeks. She took the drink gratefully from his hands. "How didya ever guess that vodka and seven would be the drink for me?" "I just know ya better than ya know yourself." He felt the pleasant glow in his face and was grateful that both only had to be coherent enough to stumble to an elevator and down a hall. There would be no need for discretion with the drinks tonight. He and Scully could get pleasantly inebriated and forget all the troubles in their real lives. Tonight they would celebrate life and enjoy it as it was meant to be. They had settled into a comfortable silence, his arm around her, watching the dance floor. The next song began and he felt Scully tapping her foot to the beat of the music. "Mulder, dance with me, pleeease." She stood, pulling on his hand to get him out of his seat. "I can't just *sit* here all night." He recognized the song. It was older. 'Some kind of wonderful.' (How am I gonna dance to this?) He grimaced to himself. Once up on the dance floor, he slowly found the rhythm of the music, Scully already moving with the beat. He was seized with the insane urge to pull her close to him, so he did, the alcohol releasing his inhibitions. Quickly, he spun her around and flung her away, only to pull her close again. She laughed, and he released her. He knew the words to this song and began singing along. "My baby, she's all right. Oooh, my baby, she's plain outta sight. Don't you know that she is, she's some kinda wonderful. Yes she is, she's some kinda wonderful..." At the start of the chorus, he pulled her close again. His hand was in hers, and his arm was around her waist. He began rocking back and forth, spinning her around crazily. She was laughing nonstop now and he was thrilled. (When had it become my goal in life to make her laugh and where did I learn to dance like this?) He shrugged to himself and continued dancing. He didn't want to think too much, he was having too much fun to analyze it. The next song started and he recognized the music, although the name of the song escaped him. Scully had caught some of his giddiness and was singing along with the music as well. "Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you." She pointed her fingered seductively at him. He used the opportunity to grasp her hand and pull her close again, spinning her around and flinging her back out. The two couples sitting back at their table chuckled quietly at their antics. "You know, if they weren't dancing together, they would look like complete fools," Amy commented. "But they look good together," Julie admitted. "Like they've been doing this a long time." "So, how long do you give them?" "I don't know. I'd hate to admit it, but I think it could last awhile."


The last slow song had ended and Mulder and Scully reluctantly said their good-byes. They had had so much fun they were reluctant to leave, subconsciously recognizing that their own lives were rarely this entertaining. Arms around each other and leaning against one another for support, they waited for the elevator to take them to their room. Scully sighed. She was not tired and not at all ready to let their glorious night end. Walking down the hall, she giggled as she tripped on an invisible bump in the carpet. Mulder fumbled with the key to their room, dropping it twice, much to his embarrassment and to her glee. After the third failed attempt, he gave up and dropped on the floor next to the key. He pulled her down on his lap. "Well, Dana, looks like we're sleepin' in the hall tonight." She grabbed the key and pushed up from him. Concentrating deeply, with two hands on the key, she slid it into the lock. She opened the door and looked triumphantly down at him. "Someone has to get things done 'round here." She strode into the room confidently, only to trip on the shoes left at the door. He entered the room to find her sitting in a decidedly unladylike position, her left leg exposed by the slit almost to her hip, leaning forward, tongue sticking out from the corner of her mouth, trying to remove her heels. "Let me help." She leaned back, her hands behind her back, and looked up at him through her eyelashes. His fingers felt too thick to unbuckle the delicate strap at her ankle. 'Did I tell you how good you look tonight?" Her voice had lowered and the giggle had left. "In a tux?! All men look alike in these things. Ya sure you're not gettin' me confused with someone else?" "Oh, I'm sure. And not just in a tux. In just about everythang!" The giggle had returned. After removing her shoes, he offered his hand to help her up. She accepted and allowed herself to be pulled up, finding herself inches from him. How many times had she stood this close to him tonight? Only now, there wasn't any music, just the sound of his breathing and the beating of her heart. A small alarm went off in the back of her mind, but she dismissed it quickly. "Mulder..." she breathed his name. Reaching up, she put her arms around his neck, pulling his head closer. She pressed her lips against his, gently at first, then increased their insistence. Her lips parted slightly and she tempted him with her tongue. "Scully," he moaned. "Is this a good idea?" "Shhhh. It's a good idea as long as you agree." She kissed him again. "C'mon Mulder, we've got this big bed here. Let's not let it go to waste." The alcohol was giving her a heady daring feeling and she had completely silenced the warnings of rules and regulations from the back of her mind. She pressed herself against him, feeling his body's response to her kiss. "And I wore this dress just for you, too." She stuck her lip out in a slight pout, pulling away slightly, casting her eyes downward. The sight of the pose she struck was Mulder's undoing. He eyed her full lower lip and knew he had to feel those lips against his again. He stepped forward, pulling her into his arms. He snagged his fingers in her hair, tilting her lips up towards his, and devoured her in his kiss. When they pulled apart, both were breathless. Stumbling towards the bed, Mulder turned off the lights as Scully fought with the trappings of his tuxedo. (We should go to weddings in our workout clothes, then this would be alot easier.) Mulder snickered to himself, amazed at the insight of his earlier observation. Eventually, through many drunken fumblings and passionate kisses, they found themselves both naked and lying side by side in bed. They impatiently explored each other's body, hands trailing everywhere. The passion of a night spent together, and three years, not allowing them the luxury of thorough exploration. Eventually Mulder rolled on top of her, Scully accepting him between her legs. He started to enter her when he painfully realized how much taller he was than her. She giggled as he bumped his head on the wall at the head of the bed and wriggled down towards the foot. He entered her completely this time and they both moaned in unison. Her whole body quivered from his touch. It had been so long. She realized she wouldn't have long to wait before the pleasure overtook her. She reached up to kiss him, but couldn't reach and settled for biting playfully at his shoulder. Mulder moaned again. (This isn't going to take much longer if I don't slow down.) He tried to hold back, but quickened his pace as her breathing quickened and her moaning increased. He felt her body spasm around him as she cried out, and then bit down on his shoulder, stifling the cries from her lips. The last bite put him over the edge and he felt the liquid pleasure spread through his body, leaving the tips of his fingers and toes tingling. One last spasm and the liquid pleasure pulsed from his body into hers. A shudder and a sigh and he collapsed down on her. Quickly, Mulder rolled over, realizing that he was smothering her. He placed his hand on her cheek, turning her face toward him in time to see her satisfied smile. He leaned over her, kissing her thoroughly, exploring her mouth. He pulled away and gazed into her blue eyes. "I love you, Scully." "I love you too," she answered, reading the honesty and love in his ever-changing eyes. Sighing contentedly, she rolled on her side, pressing her back against his chest, reveling in the feel of his warm embrace, and fell quickly asleep. The end for now. Send all feedback to "Dear Diary: My heart leapt when Agent Scully suggested Spontaneous Human Combustion."