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Welcome to the Thanksgiving Page

        This page is full of all kinds of Thanksgiving and fall ideas. They vary from pilgrims to cornucopias. You will find decorations and projects. Enjoy!

        Handprint Placemats

        Paint the palm and thumb of your child's hand brown and then color each finger a different color. While paint is still wet, place it carefully on manilla paper.When this dries the child can either color the rest of the paper, or write on there what they are thankful of. This is a placemat that can be used if you get it laminated. There are several "laminate it yourself" kits out there or you can put clear contact paper on it. Just remember to do the back also.

        Paint with Turkey Feathers

        Get some turkey feathers, if you can't find any that are from turkeys, get regular ones and you can tell the smaller child that they are from a turkey. Older kids will know different. Use this instead of a paint brush. Have them paint a Thanksgiving themed picture. It is a little more fun to paint with something other than a paint brush.

        Indian Headbands

        This is one that I remember doing in school. It is very simple. Cut a rectangular shape out of construction paper. Make sure that it is long enough to fit around the child's head. Glue it together to fit the head. After that dries, get feathers and glue it to the back and they now have an Indian headband! Make sure the glue is completely dry, it isn't fun trying to get glue out of their hair!

        Indian Vests

        This will go great with their headbands! Get a large paper grocery sack. For a few days you will have to crumple it up over and over until it is softened and has a "leathery" look. Cut a slit up the back or front of the bag. Cut out holes for the head and the arms from the sides and bottom of bags. Have the child decorate the bag with their drawings. Chalk has the most authentic look. Don't worry, after they have drawn their teepees and such, spray a little hairspray on it and the chalk won't come off!

        Thankful Placemats

        Using manilla paper, have the child draw what they are most thankful for this year. If they are old enough they can write what they are thankful for or you can do it for the smaller children. Make sure you put what year they did this so you can see what changes from year to year. Either laminate these or preserve them with contact paper.