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Welcome to the Christmas Page

This page is is for everyone's favorite time of year. You will find all kinds of ideas here. There are Christmas tree ornaments, cards, wrapping paper, gifts, and more. There are also some New Year ideas out here. Enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas.


All you need is various colors of construction paper, cut into 1" wide strips and about 5" long. Bend a strip to make a circle. Use just a dot of glue to make it stick. You can use a paper clip to keep it in place until it dries. Slip a second strip through following the same process. Continue the process until you have used all your strips. This will last for years. You can spruce it up by drawing decorations first, or adding lace or ribbons to the strips before gluing.

Foil Flakes

Cut a strip of metallic paper 22 inches long and 2 inches wide. Fold the paper into inch pleats. Cut angular designs along both sides of the folded foil. This will form the cutout pattern of the snowflake when unfolded. Start with just a few cuts and add more as you see how it looks. Run a thread through each fold ann inch from the bottom. Tie the ends of the thread together, open like a fan until the ends come together. Use tape to join the ends together and it is ready to be hung from your favorite spot.

Stained Glass Windows

You will need black cardboard or black construction paper, and different colored tissue. Take the cardboard and cut holes in it, in a design that you like. Leave a 1" border between holes to be able to glue the tissue. When you have your design, take the tissue and cut them into shapes to match the holes only slightly larger. Glue them to the 1" border that you left. Let dry. This will look great in a window when the light shines through.

Christmas Bell

Take construction paper and fold it in half lenghtwise. Cut out a shape that looks like half a bell. Repeat this step 2 more times. Take all 3 bells and glue them together at the fold. Open them all up. You can take some thread and have it go through it, it will make an excellent decoration to hang.

Paper plate wreaths

You will need either green construction paper with leaves cut out of it, or real leaves depending on where you live. You will also need little red circles cut out of construction paper the size of small berries, glue and a paper plate.Take a paper plate and cut the center out of it. Take the real of construction paper leaves and glue it all around. Then add berries wherever they look good. For a little added emphasis, take a bow and glue that on too or cut one from paper.

Rubberband Rudolph

You will need an empty toilet paper roll, rubber bands, construction paper, and wiggly eyes. Take 2 rubber bands and glue them on the sides torwards the top. Do the same with 2 more torwards the bottom. You can either glue small bells to the ends to make musical "hooves" or just some construction paper in the shape of a "U". Color a picture of a "reindeer's" head, color it, cut it out and glue to the top.

Holiday Book Mark

You will need to different colored sheets of construction paper. Preferably one green and one red. Make them both about 2" wide and 5" long. Fold one in half lengthwise and cut 3 trees out of it along the fold. After the trees are cut out of it, glue the other peice of construction paper to the back of it. Let the glue dry. You can use a hole punch if you have one and make a hole at the top, and put some thread through it. Happy reading.

Baby Jesus in Manger

Make a manger by placing your thumb into center of a 2" ball of baking clay. Another option is a craft clay that air dries. Make baby by rolling a 1" ball of clay into a cylinder shape. Pinch clay 1/3 from end forming neck. Either bake according to directions or let dry. Place "baby" in manger.

Christmas Ornaments

Probably one of the easiest and funniest Christmas ideas. Get some air drying clay at a craft store. There are different varities. Since this will be hanging on your tree you want to use the lightest weighing one you can find. Mix according to instructions, roll into balls and then using a rolling pin flatten them out like you would cookies. Kids love this part of it. Then take cookie cutters in the shape of Christmas items and cut out shapes. Let dry according to instructions. You can paint them after they are dry or for a little variety, add some food coloring to the water as you are mixing the clay. Your ornament will have that color tint to it and you will still be able to paint it.

Toilet Roll Angel

This works best if you have a white empty toilet roll holder. If not you can paint it white or keep it brown. Take a peice of white construstion paper and fold it in half. Cut wings out of it. Glue to toilet roll holder. Draw a face on the roll. Take a peice of pipe cleaner and bend into shape of a halo. Glue to the inside of the roll. You now have an angel!

Easy Christmas Bells

Take a styrofoam cup and decorate. You can draw on it, paint it, use stickers, etc. Cut a hole in the bottom of the cup. Tie some string onto a jingle bell. Pull the string through the hole in the cup and tie a loop so that it won't pull through the hole. You now have a Christmas bell.

Christmas Cards

Take a peice of construction paper and fold into a card. You can either cut out pictures of old Christmas cards, or decorate it yourself or you can cut out a picture like a bell and paste a different colored peice of construction paper inside it. You can also take a picture of yourself and glue to the front and make your own caption. Write your own special message inside the card.

Christmas Place Mats

Take a peice of green or red posterboard and cut into a 12"X18" peice. Glue the fronts of old Christmas cards onto it, or color a picture or pictures out of magazines can be pasted. Just about anything will work. Let it dry. To make sure that it can be used year after year cover it with a clear acrylic spray or if you have access to a laminating machine you can laminate it.

Wrapping Paper

You can take 2 sheets of white tissue paper, and fold into pleats. Dip corners into water that has food coloring in it. Let it dry. You can either leave it like that or go further by putting your own design on it. Another way to make wrapping paper is to take a brown grocery bag and decorate the inside of it. It is durable and withhold paint, markers etc.

Bath Salts

Take baby food jars or other small jar and fill with Epsom salts. Add a little food coloring and a small amount of perfume. Secure lid and shake. Decorate the jar with lace, ribbon, etc to give it that personal touch.

Batik Handkerchief Take a clean white handkerchief and draw a picture with a crayon. Make sure that it is colored very hard to make a thick layer of crayon. Iron to set the crayon into the handkerchief. You may want to use wax paper between the handkerchief and iron. If any crayon does get on the iron, it should peel right off when cooled.

Keep checking back for additions to this page.

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