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Various Holidays

Here you will find all kinds of ideas for all the holidays not already mentioned. Mother's Day, Father's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Ground Hogs Day, 4th of July, etc. As you see there are lots of holidays that don't have their own page, but should still be on the website. Take a look around and see if there is anything that you like. Have a good time.


Dye Easter Egg

Fold a peice of paper towel several times over. Holding it firmly together, dip corners into food coloring. This will make a pretty design when the colors run together. Open the paper and allow to dry. Cut out an egg design and staple onto construction paper or some other sturdier paper. Using a hole puch, create a hole at the top and put string through it.

Crayon Resist Egg Pattern

Draw an egg pattern. Draw designs on the egg pattern. Darken the outline of the egg and the decoration of the egg with crayon. Color it in making sure that you are very firm to put as much wax on the paper as possible. Using very thin pastel paint, brush a light wash over the entire picture. Let dry.

Paper Bag Easter Bunny

You will need 2 white paper bags, newspaper, glue and tape, crepe paper or ribbon, white and pink construction paper, pipe cleaners and cotton balls. Stuff newspaper into one bag completely and partially into another. Tape open ends together, putting the smaller bag on top for the head. Cut features and ears out of construction paper. You can draw the facial features if you wish. Add pipe cleaner to the face with a pompom in the middle for the nose.Make bunny feet out of the construction paper and glue to bottom of bag, and add cotton to the back for the tail. Using crepe paper or a ribbon you can tie a bow around his neck.

Bunny Bags

You will need a white paper lunch bag, crayons or markers, pompoms, scissors, glue, stapler, and cotton balls. Cut both sides of the bag halfway down along the creases. Fold bag shut and cut out the ears. Open bag back up. With the crayons or markers - or even precut shapes, make his face. Glue on cotton on the back for the tail. Glue or staple the tips of the front and back ears to make handles to carry. Fill with artificial grass and you are ready for an egg hunt.

Balloon Easter Egg

You will need wheat paste - you can find this at a craft store. Blow up an oval balloon. DO NOT USE A ROUND BALLOON! Tie it closed. Cover work area with newspaper. Mix wheat paste according to instructions. Wrap yarn around balloon in a criss cross fashion, leaving 1/4" openings and dipping into paste as you go. Pat off excess or shake off. Tie on string and hang to dry. Place newspapers underneath to catch drippings. When completely dry, pop balloon with a straight pin and remove. Wrap a 1"X6" peice of construction paper around the widest part and staple together to create a base for the egg. If you are going to fill your egg with treats, you will need to cut a small hole in it to access the hollow center. You can add lace or anything else you want to decorate or leave it as is. Putting a bow on top is a nice touch.

Go to the Easter Pary Page to see some party ideas for Easter.

Mother's/ Father's Day

Hand Print Poem

You can put this poem on a peice of construction paper. Put the poem centered in the middle with handprints around it. " Sometimes you get discouraged because I am so small and always leave finderprints on furniture and walls. But everyday I am growing , I'll be grown up some day and all those tiny handprints will surely fade away. So here is a final hand print just so you can recall, exactly how my fingers looked when I was so small."

Lasting hand prints

This is very easy and fairly inexpensive. Craft stores sell all kinds of clays that will air dry. Just follow instructions to mix the clay. Then make a hand or foot print. Allow to air dry and paint. If you want to add some things to it for a personal touch - kids can add little toys ( such as little dinosaurs, etc) to it while the clay is still wet after the print has been made. Make sure you add the date to it on the back.

Pressed Flowers

Collect some wild flowers or weeds that have flower buds. Press the flowers between manilla paper in between heavy books or under a weight. You can cut out construction paper in 1"X5" dimensions. Put a small dab of glue on it and place a dried flower on it. Let it dry and laminate it or spray it with acrylic spray. You can do the same with cards or stationary.

An I love you flower

Stack 2 peices of construction paper together. Trace your hand on construction paper with fingers spread apart. Insert a popsicle stick in between the 2 sheets and glue. Line edges of hand with glue and seal 2 sheets together. Let dry. Bend middle and ring finger down and glue to palm with thumb sticking out. You can use a styrofoam cup or small pot and add dirt. Put "I LOVE YOU FLOWER" in the dirt. Add "leaves" to the stick made from green construction paper.

Soap Shapes

Take a soap bar and make soap flakes out of them. Pour the soap flakes into a bowl and add water until it makes a doughlike consistency. Add a few drops of food coloring to make it different colors and you can even add a few drops of scented oil if you want to make scented soap. Cover your work surface with wax paper, if you use regular paper it will stick to that. Place the dough on the wax paper, and mold into shapes. Let them dry overnight. Place them a basket and wrap to give as a gift.

Grandmother/Mother Shirt

This is an idea that you can really do for any type of gift or just because. If you have a color printer at home, buy some "iron transfer" sheets for it.They are around $15 for a pack of them, but keep in mind you can do several of these. Print the picture of your choice on the paper and following the instructions iron it on to a shirt, sweatshirt, apron, etc. Just about anything. Then you can jazz it up a little bit by using fabric paints. Hand prints and whatnot would be a good addition on a gift shirt for mom and grandmom.

Teen Shirt

Same concept as above, but this time you would get a picture from a magazine and scan it, or you can get one from the internet (right click and go to save as on the picture that you want)Much cheaper than going and buying one. Plus that is for those hard to find bands, stars, etc. Not all celebrities have shirts!

More ideas coming. Check back soon.

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