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Welcome to the Valentine Page

        Here you will find all kinds of ideas for making a loved one something special. Are you someone's secret admirer? Or maybe you just feel like doing something nice for someone who needs it. Whatever the case may be you can find the idea here. Plenty of decorations too!

        Valentine Bookmarks

        Cut out 4 hearts the same size out of construction paper. Decorate as desired. Take a peice of string, and place in between 2 hearts, and glue. Take the other end and repeat with remaining two hearts. Let dry.

        Love Is.....

        Write a message to a loved one and let them know what you think love is. Expand on that idea and let them know how they fill those ideas for you.

        Puzzling Valentine Message

        Take a peice of paper, draw a heart in the middle and decorate. Write a personal message. Glue onto thin cardboard, and cut into peices when glue is dry. Put in a ziplock bag and give to youe special valentine. Let them put it together to get their message.

        Valentine Holder

        You can do this with either a paper bag or empty shoe box. Decorate with construction paper, stickers, markers, pictures, candy hearts, etc. Let dry. Put Valentines in. This does not have to be something just for school. Let your child do this a few days before Valentine so that they have something special to put their treats in even if they are at home during the day.

        Basic Valentine Card

        Take a sheet of construction paper and fold in half. Cut out a heart. Write a special message in it. You can glue in a picture of yourself or one you drew. As for other decorations - the morem the merrier!

        More Valentine Ideas coming!!

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