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Welcome to the Spooky Halloween Page

This page is full of all kinds of Halloween ideas. You can scare your friends with some of them, or if you are looking for ideas that won't scare the little ones you will find that here too. You will find the best Halloween decorations here.

Batik Ghost

You will need clean empty soup cans, old crayons, an iron, paper grocery bags, old pot or tray, rubber gloves, black dye, old sheets, newspaper, pencil and wax paper. Melt crayons in the soup can over a stove.Cut old sheet into 12"X15" rectangles. Draw ghost outline lightly with a pencil. Lay fabrics on top of newspaper, dip paint brush into melted crayons and wax paint over ghost shape. Wax should be hot enough to absorb into fabric and leave a wet, shiny appearance. Peel wax from fabric. Lightly crumble waxed fabric before placing into dye. Dip fabric into cold black dye for atleast 10 minutes or as long as overnight. The longer it stays in the darker it is. Rinse in cool water, wring out and hang to dry. When dry place fabric in between paper frocery bags and press back and forth with an iron. Change paper as necessary until all wax is absorbed from fabric. ADULT SUPERVISION IS RECOMENDED. WAX IS VERY HOT AND WILL BURN SKIN.

Ghost Lollipops

This makes a great party treat. Take a lollipop and cover with white tissue. Tie a ribbon at the bottom to secure. With a black felt marker draw a face.

Pumpkin Pattern

Have each child decorate their own pumpkin. They can used precut shapes for mouth, eyes, etc. and mix and match or they can design and cut them themselves. Glue on to a peice of orange construction paper that is cut into the shape of a pumpkin. Glue jack-o-lantern onto black construction paper for background. You can take this one step further and glue it onto cardboard. When it is dry, cut it into peices to make a jigsaw puzzle.

Ghosts and pumpkins

Take white tissue and place a cotton ball into it. Pull ends together to secure cotton ball and tie a ribbon around it. Do the same with orange tissue for a pumpkin. Take a marker and decorate faces. Loop string through the ribbon to be able to hang it.

More art ideas coming.

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