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Welcome to the Preschooler's Page

      This page is for those wonderful Preschoolers. This page is designed for children the age of 3-6. There are more in depth projects here than on the Toddler's Page, but not as hard as the ones on the Older Kid's Page. They should be able to do the majority of these art and crafts projects with minimum guidance and help. The children will finish feeling proud of themselves for doing it themselves. Have a great time. I hope that all you have a blast doing these and don't forget to tell me how you've done.

      Sundae Fan

      Either draw a picture on tag board of a sundae or find one in a magazine. Color and cut out, and glue to an end of a popsicle stick. Keep cool while in the sun!

      Bubble Paints

      Take a 1/2 cup of water and add food coloring to it. Put the cup on a manilla paper, insert a straw and blow. The bubbles will blow over the sides leaving the colors in different designs. You can do this with several different colors in different cups on one picture. Let dry.

      Splatter Painting

      Draw or color a picture. Take a paint brush and dip it into paint. Take the ends of the paint brush and pull back. Make sure that the paint brush is pointed torwards the picture. You can do this with several diffent colors. This will create a nice effect on the pictures. You will want to cover the work area in newspaper before getting started.

      Salt Pictures

      Paint a picture using watercolors. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle salt over it. The kids love to use the salt sprinkler. The paint will look textured. You can use this for cards, stationery,etc.

      Sculpting Clay

      Parents you will have to make the clay. However, this is an easy recipe that when you are done with is unharmful to the kids. In a saucepan over medium heat you need to mix 1 cup of cornstarch, 2 cups of baking soda, and 1 1/4 cups of water. Stir until it thickens. Let it cool. Knead the dough over waxed paper, you can sculpt it into different shapes. Let them air dry and you can paint them.

      Marble Painting

      There is a lot of adult supervision for this one. The kids will love to roll the marble around in the box though. Get a large marble, and place it into paint. Place a large sheet of manilla paper into a large box. Take out the marble and place it into the box. Roll it around the box. You will get a cool design. Let dry.

      Torn Paper Collage

      An old idea that is still fun. Let the kids tear peices of colored paper into little peices. Then they can glue them on to a picture that they have created or one that they have colored. It adds another whole dimension to the picture.

      Finally more ideas. There are just a few more, but more still coming!

      CD Photo Frame

      Using the salt dough recipe, make a stand for the cd. Make it any shape you like, just "slice" a slit into it before it is set.Make sure it is wide enough for a cd to fit into easily, but not too large that it won't hold the CD. After it dries, paint and decorate as you like. Take an old CD and cut a picture to fit in the middle. Glue it to the back or use 2 sided tape to adhere it to the CD. Put the CD into the slit of the base. Perfect gift for Father's Day, Christmas, etc.

      Diskette Photo Cube

      Use a low temp glue gun to glue diskettes to each other. You will need 6 to create the cube. Cut pictures to fit the diskette (where the labels would normally go.) For extra decoration, you might want to first add colored construction paper so that there would be a border around the picture, or even some type of wrapping paper, etc. Use 2 sided tape to adhere the decorated paper and the pictures.


      You can use seashells or any other items that is small and is of particular interest. You can buy magnet strips at the craft store. You can also add pictures to thick cardstock paper, then cut the paper to fit the picture and put a magnet strip to that to make picture magnets.

      More ideas coming! Still under construction

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