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Advanced Moves

Advanced Attacks

All stats must be above 1,000,000 in order to use these

Move Description Ki Cost Requirements Damage/Add ons
Imprisonment Ball (other) This technique locks the opponent in an paralizing ball of light. This ball explodes upon contant with the ground 22,000 Ki Barrier Traps the opponent in a ball of ki for one turn. They cannot attack for that turn. Then on the next turn the ball is thrown to the ground and does 25% of the users Energy
Instant Transmission (other) This allows the user to dematerialize and move as a mass of light 38,000 Power Transfer Allows the user to dodge an attack Can only be used 3 times per fight
Hadou Sha Ru Ken (beam) The user uppercuts the opponent in the jaw causing a lot of damage 58,000 Martial Arts 65% of Strength
Galactica Donut (projectile) This one involves forming a ring of energy, that looks like a donut, and using it to trap his opponent 40,000 Destructo Disc The opponent is wrapped by three rings for 2 turns that squeeze 35% of intel. health out of them and they can't attack
Gamma Ray This attack takes energy from within your soul to create a devastating Blast of energy 20,000 Hp 20,000 Ki En-Rage and Kamehameha 60% of Energy
Death Ball (projectile) This attack can be charged from the fingertip or both hands. It quickly grows to the size of a small moon and has immense destructive power 55,000 Dodanpo and Hadou ken 60% of Energy
Chou Kamehameha (beam) Basically the same as the regular Kamehameha but it is much more powerful and uses a lot more energy 60,000 Kamehameha and Power-Up 75% of Energy
Galic Gun (beam) The energy is gathered behind the user with the backs of the hands together then the hands are brought forward with the palms outward 55,000 Kamehameha and Masenko 65% of Energy
Fusion (other) This is the Fusion Dance. Created by the Metamari-Jin, which Goku meets in Heaven 0 Power Transfer Two people fuse to form a new fighter with a new name. The new fighter has the same moves of both of the people and the two people's stats are added together. Can only be done in tag team battles.
Rapid Punch (melee) The user sends multiple punches at the enemy 50,000 Fist of the Wolf Fang Gale 60% of Strength
Kuukanteni Punch (melee) The user creates a hole in time and space that has an entrance and an exit. Then punches into this hole and his fist comes out of the exit, allowing to attack enemies from afar 57,000 Instant Transmission 67% of Strength
Energy Sword (melee) In the this attack, the user forms a sword of energy around their hand, and tries to slice an opponent with it 40,000 Sword Control 57% of Strength Can cut off Saiyan tails
Janemba Portal (Defense) The user creates a small rip in time and space that absorbs and opponents attack 60,000 none Blocks an opponent's attack On the user's next turn they are able to use the same attack doing the same amount of damage that the opponent's attack would have done
Power Dive (melee) The user flies into the air and then dives straight down at the opponent 38,000 Bukjutsu and Throwdown 55% of Strength
Time Freeze (other) The user holds their breath. By doing so, the user can momentarily stop time. This lasts as long as the user can hold their breath 57,000 Magic Art Allows the user to dodge an attack Can only be used 3 times
Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack (other) The user creates little ghost like clones of the user. These ghost clones have a mind of their own, but they will listen to their creator. The ghosts will explode on contact with anything 60,000 Magic Art and Mouth Blast 70% of Energy