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These are the Spells that you may learn. There are requirements for each Spell though so read throuhg them carefully.

To get a spell you must buy them with your Extra Points... We figure it would be easier that way then haveing to spend a week doing nothing but learning a spell... The Costs are labeled below...

Level 1 Magic costs 10,000 Extra Points
Level 2 Magic costs 30,000 Extra Points
Level 3 Magic costs 60,000 Extra Points
Level 4 Magic costs 120,000 Extra Points
Level 5 Magic costs 240,000 Extra Points
Level 6 Magic costs 480,000 Extra Points
If it says learn from Trainer it Takes 7 days plus the cost

Level 1 Spells

Level 2 Spells

Level 3 Spells

Level 4 Spells

Level 5 Spells

Level 6 Spells