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You are able to get married to other players on the site. At this point and time, there isn't much of an advantage to getting married, but who knows down the road...You must meet all of the requirements below though in order to get married. You also must buy all of the things below.

Engaement Ring-The man must present this to the female that they wish to marry. This is done preferably in one of the role plays with the other person. The reciever may decline if they do not want to. Cost: 100,000

Marriage Ring-These are the rings that you and your fiance pick out. Both you and your fiance must each buy one. There are many different kinds of rings that you may choose from Cost: 100,000 per ring

Tuxedo/Dress-You and your fiance must have something to wear right? That's why you need to buy a tuxedo ir dress. Both of you must buy one. Cost: 40,000 per outfit

Church-This is where you and you fiance will get married. Cost: 120,000

All around, it's expensive, but who knows, it could be worth it later on...The total cost is 600,000.