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Job Title Description Pays
Mercenary A mercenary is a hireling... You get hired by other players to either kill or beat up other players 20,000 a hit
Inventor You make New Items for the game... Weither its Armor Weapons Ship or whatever and you get paid by how good the item is 10,000 to 100,000
Bounty Hunters You hunt down Criminals that have a bounty on thier head and turn them over to the person who proclaimed the bounty... Pay Rate is whatever the Bounty is set at
Priest/Priestess You are needed for people to get married. You are not aloud to role play for this job. When people get married, the couple each pay 100,000 dollars. They must meet all of the other requirements though. They must have an engagement ring bought, a marriage ring bought, a church, and a tux/dress 200,000 per marriage
Soldier You are the law around here weither your Evil at Heart or good... You enforce the laws that you see fit 20,000
Planet Protector Esactly what the name says 30,000
Planet Destroyer Esactly what the name says 30,000
Team Leader You are the leader of your Team and you can have another job 40,000 per Team Fight 80,000 per Team Win
Team Memeber You are a follower on a Team and you may have another job as well 30,000 per Team Fight 60,000 per Team Win