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Limit Breaks

The one thing about limit breaks that differs from the other moves is you must buy them with stat points in order to learn them...When you reach Level 4 limit Break you must seek out a Trainer to help you unlock your last Limit... You automaticly start with your first lvl 1 limit break which you get to name and tell us what it does... Weither it Heals or does Damage or what not... No Instant Death or has a chance of inflicting Death Limit Breaks... The Damage or amount it Heals is labeled under this section further below

What you need to buy a limit break

Level 2 = 500,000
lvl 3 = 1,250,000
lvl 4 = 5,000,000 and must see trainer of your choose to Learn it,
and limit break extensions will be given when you use it 20 times. I will explain what they do and how to use them here.
Note: You will keep all limit breaks you attain.
Note: You will only be able to use limit breaks once, every other turn.

Damage limit Breaks are based off of your Strength
Healing Breaks or based off intel
Stat Raisers are based off Energy

Level 1- 15%, is unblockable uses 5,000 ki

Level 1.2- 20%, is unblockable 15,000 ki

Level 1.3- 25%, unblockable 20,000 ki

Level 2- 45% 25,000 ki

Level 2.2- 50% 30,000 ki

Level 3- 75% 50,000 ki

Level 3.2-100% 75,000 ki

Level 4- 125% 100,000 ki