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The Rules

1. First of all this Role Playing Site (RPG) is unlike any other ever made...I made it in my own special way...
2. This site will have two ways of growing stronger...By Form of Role Playing and by form of Battle/Sparring/Tournaments throgh AIM or The Chat Room
3. You get 100,000 stat points to start off with and you put them into each of your stats
4. You will have to pick an alignment so that I know what you will be striving for in the Long run... Good/Nuetral/Evil
5. If you wish to have a none Ki person you can everyone will and shall have the same chances as everyone else wheter with Ki Magic and Limit Breaks...And when you have a job please post a work day for you
6. I made the sytem of the moves a little harder to get all the best moves right away because now you will be needing certain things to learn certain moves...Its my way of seeing everything far in the long run
7. There will be questions that you may ask about this site and or things that I have doe please be kind and ask about them in the question section of the boards or email me through the staff page
8. This RPG allows you to create your own character and also pick one from DB DBZ DBGT and Final Fantasy Series
9. This is a fairly simple rule but I need to say it anyway...You are only aloud to have ONE character for this site. If we find out that you have more then one character then we will punish you.
10. Now this is the hardest rule to ever follow out of anything else I can say....HAVE FUN....

1. This is one of the ways of Growing Stronger on this site... When you Spar you cannot kill your opponent... The winner of the Spar gets 15% of there intel and the loser gets 10% of there intel
How Do you Fight

1. Speed Determines who goes first... And How many times they can attack to your 1 attack... The person with the Highest Speed will always go first unless they want you to go first...
2. To Fight you go to either AIM or the Chat Room with another memeber of this site and challenge them... You Take Turns Doing your Attacks... During your opponents Attack there are moves that will let you interfer in them like Instant Transmission will allow you to Dodge an attack... But yet there are some attacks that cannot be blocked or dodged...

1. To Start off you will be able to choose 5 Moves/Magic/Limits that you can do... Please remeber that some of them you need to know certain moves to do...

1. In order to Die you must be hit with a lvl 3 Limit Break or Higher, A Lvl 3 or Higher Magic Attack, or a Advanced Attack... Death is only when your in a Duel to the Death... Then the winner gets 20% of Intel and the loser gets 5% of Intel