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Who's who in Garou

Glass Walkers 1 2 3 4 by Lan^Man-Dragon


Thoughts on the other tribes:

Bone Gnawers: They are the one other tribe that understands the City. We rule above, they below. Treat them well, and they will treat you well. They are profitable allies, and knowledgeable sources for any information that our people might miss.

Black Furies: Caught in ancient ways and ancient hatreds. They are blind to the progress of the modern world. Watch their tempers, and when you send a liaison to them, it is to your advantage to send a woman.

Children of Gaia: Good in heart, naÔve in mind. Many times, in negotiations of our intertribal business, we need a neutral facilitator, and they can be excellent at that. Value their thoughts highly, but recognize the weaknesses of the source.

Fianna: Hopeless romantics: They can drink, they can sing, and by all accounts theyíre great in bed. Too bad that they cannot realize the fundamental change that has happened in the world since the Romans taught the Celts how to use soap.

Get of Fenris: We (and some Bone Gnawers) opposed them when they joined the Nazis in World War Two. We have not been at peace with them since. Like those who followed Hitler, they are led astray by tales of obsolete cultures and past glories.

Red Talons: In some ways, they are the darker brothers to the Get. Calling for the death of humans cannot stop the trends that have been building since the first cities. Fortunately they will rarely enter our cities, so we do not need to waste resources to destroy them.

Shadow Lords: Whenever someone claims that we are ambitious or cold, point them towards the Shadow Lords and we will seem as innocent as a Child of Gaia in comparison. They wish to rule the new world, but where we negotiate crisply and logically with the Weaver, they forge pacts with darker powers.

Silent Striders: Useful couriers for anything you canít (or wouldnít) transmit over the wires. When you make a deal with them, consider the tightest contract possible. It is unclear who else they may serve in their constant travels, seemingly following no line of authority.

Silver Fang: They fear the influence that we wield, for on some level they recognize that we are the de facto rulers of the modern world. They live in the past, we live in the future. If you approach them with honor and honesty, you can strike a win-win deal in most cases.

Stargazers: They reject everything that the modern world has to offer, thinking that such denial brings wisdom and peace. While we often canít understand them as a group, the individuals

Uktena: A tribe of R&D specialists. They share an interest in knowledge that we can respect, but they have glaring holes in their collective data when it comes to cities and the Weaver.

Wendigo: Sadly they appear a lost cause. In most cases, attempting to parley with them is sending good money after bad. Since they cannot distinguish the Weaver from the Wyrm they treat us as traitors and would hunt us as they would a Black Spiral Dancer. Another reason not to take that backpacking trip in Oregon.