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Who's who in Garou

Glass Walkers 1 2 3 4 by Lan^Man-Dragon


The Glass Walkers see the city as just another kind of wilderness: the concrete jungle of the future. They feel that the city has a spirit and life all its own, and they seek to explore the diversity that this new wilderness provides. Maybe no other Tribe can begin to understand this except the Bone Gnawers.

The Glass Walkers originated in Mesopotamia, where they split with the Garou and came to live in the cities despite the proscriptions against doing so. They became enforcers and mercenaries for merchants in the Middle Ages and allied with guilds and the like. They were at the forefront of technological change during the Renaissance and later in the Industrial Revolution, learning that everything has spirits, even great steam engines and assembly lines.

The Glass Walkers developed Mafia ties as a result of their enforcer past, and in the 20s, Glass Walker gangs provided muscle to many Mob actions. With the advent of computers, the Glass Walkers learned about a new kind of spirit... the Net-Spiders, the computer spirits. Befriending these spirits, they found themselves in control of spirits that could alter and gather information from computers all over the world. The Glass Walkers believe it is their duty to guide the cities and technology of the world to a path allied with Gaia. Indeed, they see Gaia as a part of the city itself.