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Who's who in Garou

Children of Gaia 1 2 3 4 by Lan^Man-Dragon

The Children of Gaia are one of the surviving tribes of Garou, fighting on the side of Gaia. They are known as the peacemakers.

It might be easy to think of CoG as being typical environmentalists.

You know the Vegetarian, Animal loving, bleeding heart liberal type.

You are wrong!

Think about it.

Werewolf and Vegetarian - I don't think so.

Animal Loving - Well just a little. Venison does taste pretty good.

Bleeding Heart - It is true we occasionally have bleeding hearts.

        Usually of the used to belong to a Pentex executive type.

  What we are is a tribe dedicated to protecting ALL of Nature. This means allowing Hunting for food, but it does not mean allowing hunting for sport only. This means protecting Animals that are in danger of becoming extinct, but does not mean worrying overly much about stray cats and dogs. And most importantly it occasional means taking the fight to the real enemy when you can't find any other way of behavior modification.

It is our belief that the way to fight the Wyrm (the expression of Destruction and Entropy) is by fighting the cause of the problem, not it's symptoms. We are often derided by other Garou for not fighting directly against their common enemy. We are also mistakenly thought of as weak, because of our peaceful beliefs. The other tribes are very wrong.

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