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Who's who in Garou

Glass Walkers 1 2 3 4 by Lan^Man-Dragon


Many Glass Walkers packs have a strong corporate hierarchy, and the Kinfolk are the bottom row on that org chart. They get a lot of the work done, and Glass Walkers respect that about as much as your average upper manager. They understand that the lower ranks need to have their morale maintained, because higher morale workers are workers that are more productive. Other packs have a distinct Mafioso feel, or can be as freeform as a group of hackers.

The Glass Walkers are often criticized for their traffic with Weaver spirits, as more rural Garou see it as a taint that weakens their bond to Gaia. But more disturbing is the constant presence of the Wyrm in the cities that the Glass Walkers control. Many Glass Walkers say there is too much for them to constantly combat the Wyrm, for they would be worn down and slain, and Gaia would lose her defenders. Instead, they choose their Wyrm-riddled targets for the maximum effect as compared to Garou loss.