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Who's who in Garou

Glass Walkers 1 2 3 4 by Lan^Man-Dragon


Glass Walkers view themselves as the next stage in Garou evolution. They believe that Gaia is leading them to be the rulers of a new world where the Weaver is an ally of the Wyld, not an enemy. They believe that they can help humanity and the Garou survive the coming Apocalypse by providing them with the technology and spiritual wisdom to survive. Because of this, they are often criticized as arrogant.

They are almost as subtle and crafty as their rival Shadow Lord cousins. Indeed, many conflicts between the Glass Walkers and the Shadow Lords are like great chess games using the other Garou as pieces. Their irreverence for tradition has earned them many enemies among more traditional Garou. Many of them prefer their homid names to their Garou names, and may use their traditional names only in communication with other tribes or in formal ritual. Indeed Lupus Glass Walkers are much more rare than Metis, another sore point for traditionalists