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The Secret Kingdom of Northern England

Nothumbria is located in Northern England close to the border with Scotland. Far too many people do not think beyond Newcastle and regard Northumberland as a industrial wasteland. A holiday in this area does not look good at all.

The truth is quite the reverse.Northumbria is a land of castles, an indication of the military tradition essential for an area on the border between the once seperate kingdoms of England and Scotland.

The Northern coastline is beautiful and unpolluted, with Lindisfarne the cradle of Christianty.It was in the Kingdom of Northumbria that civilisation developed, only to be snuffed out by the Viking attacks beginning in the late 8th century but revived as the Normans established a permanent hold and built their huge stone castles and allowed impressive abbeys to be constructed.

All this and the rich natural history make the discovery of Northumbria a delightful combination of industry and insects, buildings and boats and birds, monuments and mammals, flowers,folklore and forts, old coal mines and even older castles.

All this and a road system remarkably free from traffic apart from at the peak of the holiday season. Except for Newcastle that is!!!!

The Discovery Trail Starts Here. Click on a link to GO THERE.

Map of Northumbria   Northumbrian Battle Sites
Hadrian's Wall part 1   Alnwick Castle
Hadrian's Wall part 2   Bamburgh Castle
Newcastle part 1   Lindisfarne Castle
Newcastle part 2   Warkworth Castle
Mouth of the Tyne   Cragside Estate
Gateshead Millenium Bridge   Wallington Hall
Northumbrian Coast   Winter's Gibbet
Durham Cathedral   The Lambton Worm
Killhope Lead Mining Centre

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