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Battle sites in Northumbria

Northunbria is a region of battlefields, from Romans to Roundheads; armies have marched and countermarched over its many acres. In the centuries before the Union many a Scottish King used the Eastern seaboard as his key into England and more than one had cause to regret.

Most were glad to see the Tweed again and there was an abundance of those who left their bones to bleach on Northimbrian soil. Malcolm, victor of Shakespeare's Macbeth, fell to a Northumbrian lance before the walls of Alnwick and James, that proud renaissance prince, was hacked to a ghastly death at Flodden.

The list of Battles below is not complete, there are others.

  1. Heavenfield 635
  2. Alnwick 1093/1174
  3. Halidon Hill 1333
  4. Neville's Cross 1346
  5. Otterburn 1388
  6. Homildon Hill 1402
  7. Hedgley Moor 1464
  8. Hexham 1463/1464
  9. Flodden 1513
  10. Reidswire 1575
  11. Newburn/Newcastle 1640-1644
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The Battle of Heavenfield 635

The Battle of Otterburn 1388

The Battle of Homildon Hill 1402

The Battle of Hedgley Moor 1464

The Battle of Flodden 1513

The Seige of Newcastle 1640-1644

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