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Please note that these images have been optimized for fast loading times, so blurriness and color innaccuracy are to be expected. Click on the smaller images to see them larger. Please remember that, in the case of posters and the like, the projects are being shown at about 1/4 their actual size, so type may be unclear.

To see details on the logos created for these projects, check the Logo Gallery.

OtherKon 2002 Event Posters (Mythical Beings and Animals)
These large posters were created to advertise a fictional convention. Two themes were used, and two versions were created in each theme, making a total of four posters.
SCTI Portfolio Show Event Poster
Another large poster, created to advertise my class' first show of 2003. The chosen theme was "A Feast for the Eyes," and I created a design based on Oriental foods.
Crayola Washable Crayons Ad
This somewhat large ad was designed to communicate the appeal of washable crayons to mothers with young children.
Orange Blossom Retreat Office Supplies
The logo that I created for a fictional business was then used to make a matching set of a die-cut envelope, business card, and letterheads.
Starsigns Sodas Can Art
Illustrator experimentation resulted in these soda can designs, which were created along an astrological theme.

All site graphics and designs on these pages are copyright 2002 to J.M.Bondzeleske (ebondrake at hotmail-dot-com) and may not be reproduced or distributed without my consent. However, I do not claim ownership of photos or placed art used in parts of these designs, unless stated otherwise--they were collected via clip art and Internet searches.