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Has experience in the creation of a wide variety of graphic design products for both professional printing and the Internet. Also experienced in working as part of a retail sales team.

Proven Expertise In:

  • Assembling images and text as directed by client, ensuring that the final product serves to communicate their desired message.
  • Building products according to specifications of professional printers and the Internet, facilitating fast and accurate production of client's materials.
  • Communicating effectiveness of design choices to both designers and non-designers.
  • Effectively combining several design-oriented software programs, making use of the strengths of each in order to best minimize their weaknesses.


  • Graduated from Loyola College Preparatory School (Shreveport, LA) in May 1999. Final GPA was 4.5.
  • Certified in Digital Design from Sarasota County Technical Institute in April 2003.
  • Cisco Certified Web Designer, certifed at Sarasota County Technical Institute in November 2002.

Special Skills:

  • Extensively trained in use of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe GoLive, and Quark Express.
  • Served as an editor for online literary pieces, correcting both grammar and continuity with established plotlines.
  • Can type approximately 130 words per minute.
  • Well-versed in the artistic use of ink pen, ballpoint, Prismacolor colored pencils, and watercolor paints.

Awards and Publications:

  • Completed set of hand-drawn images depicting the mascot of a local high school; these were used to illustrate the first edition of their yearbook.

References and Portfolio:


Retail chain selling musical gift items.
Sales Associate. Sarasota, FL (3/01-1/02).

  • Gained an increased sense of the aesthetics of product presentation, and used this ability to create eye-catching arrangements of displayed merchandise.
  • Single-handedly performed all necessary operations for the daily opening and closing of the store, including bank deposits and paperwork organization. Also processed sales, layaways, returns, and exchanges using a cash register.
  • Custom-installed musical movements into a wide variety of wooden boxes. Occasionally performed minor repairs on broken or malfunctioning products.
  • Improved ability to learn detailed information at a rapid pace. As a result, was able to provide customer service that was both fast and personalized.
  • Assisted in the training of new employees by demonstrating the store's filing systems and cash register functions.
  • Organized backstock according to product numbers. Also memorized the back-room layout well enough to locate specific items quickly.

Retail chain selling nature-related gift items.
Sales Associate. Sarasota, FL (9/00-3/01).

  • Became especially proficient in fast, accurate cash register operation and rapid reorganization of displayed merchandise. See previous Natural Wonders employment for other duties.

Retail chain selling nature-related gift items.
Sales Associate. Orlando, FL (5/00-8/00).

  • Provided highly personalized, detail-oriented customer service to individual shoppers. Also improved communication skills in order to transmit accurate product information to others.
  • Used cash register to process sales, including payments with credit cards, checks, and gift certificates.
  • Continually maintained store appearance throughout the day, and cleaned and straightened all display areas single-handedly during closing.
  • Assisted in the complete inventory of all merchandise.
  • Quickly gained large amount of product knowledge by listening to fellow employees and reading informative literature.

Military office overseeing network servers for entire base.
Office Assistant. Barksdale AFB, LA (6/99-8/99).

  • Expanded Formflow knowledge by filling in federal request and inventory forms. Organized large sets of these forms for ease of filing.
  • Inventoried computer equipment by serial number, model, and item type, then organized that information into lists for distribution to other miliary groups.
  • Designed a new set of full-color spine inserts for group regulations binders, using Microsoft Powerpoint and imported graphics.
  • Reorganized two filing systems into a color-coded format.
  • Packaged and mailed office equipment for return to company, and also transported packages and mail to and from other buildings on base.
  • Sent and received faxes, answered phones, and distributed messages from callers.

Retail chain selling computer and console games and all related equipment.
Sales Associate. Bossier City, LA (10/98-1/99).

  • Maintained alphabetical order of merchandise on shelves for ease of in-store title searches.
  • Used computer database to track a wide variety of product information and memorized key facts about new hardware and software releases.
  • Assisted customers in finding products, choosing between items based on the customer's personal needs.
  • Used cash registers to process purchases with credit cards, checks, and cash.

Military squadron responsible for maintaining airplane-related machinery.
Volunteer Office Assistant. Barksdale AFB, LA (6/98-8/98).

  • Performed general word processing using Microsoft Word. Also prepared and filled in federal forms using Formflow software equipped with Air Force templates.
  • Filed paperwork using a system based on date and form type.
  • Cross-referenced and updated obsolete squadron conduct files, replacing older documents with new material.
  • Answered phones, rerouted calls, and distributed messages.

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