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(Sadly, the original data files for these four items were lost somewhere between here and there, which means that I have nothing to make site graphics with. Scanned versions of the final printouts will be available in the future.)

Project Requirements
Create a design for the front part of a soda can, using the provided template of ovals and rectangles and retaining the Smart Ones logo. The project must be executed entirely in Adobe Illustrator.

Client Name and Description
Smart Ones--a beverage-producing company that is relatively small, but has a solid following among health-conscious people due to the fact that they always make use of all-natural, organic ingredients in their products.

Client's Objective
To create a new series of beverages that would appeal to their established holistic/organic consumer base, and to create soda can art that will immediately draw attention to their product. A secondary objective would be to make the new drink series intriguing enough that people who are not familiar with Smart Ones or its health-conscious reputation would be tempted to try their product.

Target Audience
Health-conscious people of either gender and from late teens upwards; most of them are middle class or above, due to the generally higher cost of organic foods. Because of their inclination towards products that are created using the least amount of chemical or mechanical processes possible, a handmade or primitive appearance would appeal to them better than something suggesting the use of technology. They may also be open to the use of other holistic practices, such as yoga, meditation, or herbalism.

How My Solution Works

Programs Used
Illustrator 9.0.

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