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Canton of Rimsholt History A. S. XXIX  (1994)

Seneschal: Alessandra l'Amour Herald: Isabella of Leith
Minister of Arts & Sciences: Adalicia the Serene Exchequer: Keziah Gildea
Rapier Marshal: Benedict of Beverly Knights Marshal: Garth of the Crags
Chronicler: Reynard d'Avingon Chatelain(e): Rhiannon Duncan
Chirurgeon: Iarlaith ni Fiomallain  

Events and Activities of Note:

Canton Officer Articles from the Rimsholt Bolt in 1994

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Images from the Past

Cover of March 1994 Rimsholt Bolt Cover of June 1994 Rimsholt Bolt Rimsholt Rag-a-Muffins at Pennsic XXIII Camp Scene at Pennsic XXIII
View from the loft at Fum Day Picture from Winter Revel Lord Armond recieving his Silver Oak at Val Day Baron Daibhre and House Mendictus at Fum Day
Group Picture - Ionia Free Fair Demo Demo at Dwight Lydell Park Height of fashion at Pennsic War Cover of the September 1994 Bolt
Brighid's 1st Authorization Benedict as King's Rapier Guard Benedict's Buckler Authorization Cover of the January 1994 Bolt
Reynard and Lisa at Swine & Roses Benedict & Emma at Swine & Roses Benedict & Emma - First fencing authorizations

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