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Officer Articles from the Rimsholt Bolt - 1994
(note: all mundane names/personal address have been removed
or replaced by the generic Bob Robertson)

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January 1994

Seneschal: From the Seneschal

Greeting to all good gentles of Rimsholt!

Thanks to everyone who helped make the December demo at GRCC a success. We made a little money and learned how to dance. Dance and Fighting practice continues on Thursday nights at the GRCC 7-9:30, room 200 in the Music Building. Please join us.

Winter Revel is almost here! Remember that items are still needed for the auction. Proceeds will go to the canton pavilion fund. Also there will be plenty of odd jobs to be done at the event. Please consider donating a little of your time to make the day a success.

The Baron's Birthday is in March. Rimsholt is planning the feast and looking for entertainers during the feast as well. Please contact me with your suggestions.

Have you met the new officers? Hogun the Grim is the new Herald. Assisting him with name and device research is Isabelle. Lord Garth of the Crags is the Chancellor of the Exchequer (that means the one who writes the checks). Please take the opportunity to meet these people who have so generously donated their time to the group. The position of Chatelaine remains open. Any Interest?

FUMCAMP II - It's never too early to start thinking about Pennsic. The camp was great last year and I hear that hot showers have been planned for this year. Start saving your vacation time and plan to spend War with Andelcrag. More information will be available in the next few months.

See you at Winter Revel


Entertainment Book Sales: Cynfyn and Alissandra won the prize for the most sales, a gift certificate to Carlos O'Kelly's. Congratulations.

Banners: The canton has received a donation of fabric that is suitable for personal banners. Does anyone have the space for a banner making party? The fabric is at Lady Brighid's house. Call her at 555-5555

Dance Dance Dance: Now that we all have learned "Hole in the Wall" and "Black Nag", it's time to move on to "Road to the Isles". Dance practice is every Thursday at 7pm in Room 200 of the Music Building at GRCC.

What about the Rimsholt Bolt? As of April 1, the Bolt will no longer be free to members and friends. The ever increasing postal rates are causing the canton to charge $5/year (that's per mailing address). Partial years are pro-rated. Please send your checks to the Chronicler by April 1 or you may not receive any additional mailings.

Populace Meeting. The next will be Tuesday February 8 at the Plainfield Library on 5 mile. Canton MOA, Adalacia the Serene will be presenting an introduction to embroidery.

Arts and Sciences Exhibition. The MOA & MOS are planning an A&S exhibit at an upcoming event. This is an exhibit not a competition so everyone should be able to display their work. Look for more information in the months to come.

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February 1994

*** Missing Copy of the Bolt for this Month ***  See my "Wants / Needs / Desires" page

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March 1994

Seneschal: Greetings to the good gentles of Rimsholt,

What a wonderfully snowy Winter Revel we had this year! The auction to raise money for the loaner armor fund was extremely successful. Now we need people to volunteer to work on armor for the upcoming Spring season (Winter can’t last forever). If you can help with materials or time please contact Lord Garth of the Crags, acting Marshal at 555-5555. Remember: Dance and Fighting practice continues on Thursday nights at the GRCC 7-9:30, room 200 in the Music Building. Please join in.

Congratulations again to the new people who put in so much time on Winter Revel; Feastocrats Adalacia the Serene and Alessandra Mae l’Amour and Autocrat Rhiannon Duncan. You did a great job organizing things. And speaking of events. . .

The Baron’s Birthday is March 26. Site will be our favorite Palmer Lodge at Bertha Brock Park in Ionia. Rimsholt is planning the feast and looking for entertainers during the evening as well. Contact me to volunteer.

And did you notice that Border War is listed in the Pale calendar as June 10-12? Autocrat and Feastocrat are needed. If you want to help with the event, call me so the paperwork can get started. Don’t be afraid to volunteer. Others have lived to tell the story.

FUMCAMP II – It’s never too early to start thinking about Pennsic. (Layaway the tent and sleeping bags, finally get authorized, make sure your bow passes inspection etc.). Lord Kalin will be camp master and the forms for camping will be out soon. Start thinking about going now so you’l. have a place to stay in August.

A final note: For those of you who haven’t heard, I’ll not be leaving the canton after all. Instead my lord husband, Cain MacAddis will be leaving the service of his uncle and joining us this Fall. I am still retiring as seneschal, leaving that position in the capable hands of my deputy Alessandra.

Next meeting is Tuesday March 15 at Plainfield Public Library. See you there!


Minister of Arts and Sciences:

At the Baron’s Birthday celebration on March 26 at Bertha Brock Park, there will be a small A&S exhibition table. If you have a special project (it doesn’t have to be spectacular) that you’d like to include, just bring it to the event. This is not a competition. But if possible include a paper with your piece telling what type of work it is (if not self-explanatory), how it was done, any documentation (just the basics), and any unique details that may be of interest. We’re trying to keep things simple for this first display. If desired, you can also include a blank sheet with your item for constructive criticism or praise. This should be fun and educational for all, so please, if you have something you would like to include, bring it along.

Yours in the Arts & Sciences
Cynfyn ap Rhywallon & Adalacia the Serene

Chronicler: Greetings from the Chronicler and her assistant,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took over our responsibilities when we were unable to do so. A Special thanks to Cynfyn & Alessandra and Armand and Ambrosia for their hard work on Samhain, and to Isabella and Rhiannon for their hard work on the Bolt. You are greatly appreciated.

As for the future, unfortunately there will still be times when circumstances which are out of our control will cause delays in printing the Bolt. We will try to keep this as minimal as possible. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to us. All suggestions and contributions are warmly welcomed.

Watch for chariot instructions in the April issue of the Bolt!

And . . . just a reminder, starting in April there will be a $5.00 subscription fee per household for the Bolt. Please send in your stamps or a check made payable to SCA-Rimsholt.

Believers in the Dream,

Tys and Annabelle

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April 1994

Seneschal: From the Seneschal,

Greetings to the Lords and Ladies of Rimsholt!

New Seneschal – Appropriately enough, the office of Seneschal’s changing hands April Fool’s Day. I would like to thank Lady Brighid the Ageless for her three years of service as seneschal of Rimsholt. The growth the SCA has seen and the way the Canton has run smoothly show what a fine job she has done. Thank you Brighid from us all.

For those who don’t know me, I am Alessandra Mae La Moore. I was born in France but moved to London, England in my youth. My parent’s opened a millinery and haberdashery shop on London Bridge and we lived above it. My father met a Welshman while traveling to gather goods for the shop and my marriage to arranged to Cynfyn ap Rhywallon. Now I am married with two children, Heather Lynn La Moore and Daffyd ap Cynfyn. Mundanely my name is Bob Robertson, I am married to Bob Robertson (MOA/S) and have two children, Bob and Bob. Please feel free to contact me at any time during the day with SCA information, ideas or questions.

New officers – Cynfyn ap Rhywallon is the new Baronial MOA/S, so his Canton MOS office will be added to the Canton MOA office held by Adalacia the Serene. Our new chatelaine will be Rhiannon Duncan. Our new fighting marshal will be Lord Garth of the Crags. Chancellor of the Exchequer will be Lady Kassia Gildea. Huzzah to these fine gentles for their time and effort.

Notices -
Dance, fight, fence – Join us every Thursday from 6:30 to 9:30 in room 200 of the Music Building at GRCC. Lady Brighid will still be Dance Mistress. Any time there is a marshal and two or more fighters or fencers with proper equipment, there will be fighting practice as well.

Attention officers – your first quarterly report should be in by now. For those of you who haven’t had the chance yet, please look closely at the March Pale. There have been some changes in requirements for officers. Please send me copies of your quarterly reports so I can report the status of our Canton as knowledgeably as possible. Thanks.

Border War – Rimsholt will be hosting Border War at Bertha Brock County Park from June 10-12. This is a weekend camping event and takes a lot of help to make it run smoothly. Please call if you are interested in volunteering.

Rimsholt Bolt – The $5.00 fee for a year of the Bolt (per household) is now in effect. To continue receiving this fine publication, please send in stamps or a check payable to SCA-Rimsholt to Tys and Annabelle. This will help with the growing cost of mailing and copies so it doesn’t put as much strain on the Canton funds.

Special meeting – April 16 at 2 pm there will be a meeting to discuss Pentemere (should the Michigan area be a Principality?). Join us to help mold the SCA’s future.

Pennsic – If you even think you might be going to War this year, get a form for camping space as soon as you can. Lord Kalin will be camp master and has forms.

Deputy Seneschal – I will need a deputy seneschal to help hold meetings once in a great while when I am out of town or unavailable. If you are interested please call 555-5555.

Next meeting – Tuesday April 12 at the Plainfield Library. Hopefully the speaker will be on vinting (wine making). See you there!


Chronicler: Greetings,

I would like to thank all the Gentles who have been sending in contributions for the Bolt. You are helping to make this publication a more interesting and informative newsletter. A special Huzzah for the Assistant Chronicler, Tys for his efforts on the past several issues and this month’s cover work.

Please pay heed!!! This is the last free issue. Starting next month, only those people who have paid the $5.00 fee for the Bolt will continue to receive their publication. So far, our new mailing list is very small . . . about one dozen. So please send in your check payable to the SCA-Canton of Rimsholt. This would be a good opportunity to include any suggestions, contributions, etc.

The Baron’s Birthday Party was a great success!!! I’m sure all those who attended will agree, it was a ooh, aah, neat, pretty evening! Huzzah to everyone who worked their fingers to the bone on this event!!!!

Good day,

Annabelle Lizbeth De’Laisse

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May 1994

Seneschal: From the Seneschal

Meetings will no longer be at GRCC for the summer months. Monday will be fencing at the Dwight Lydell Park in Comstock Park (call Bob 555-5555 or Bob 555-5555) for details). Wednesday will be Dance Practice at the same Park (call Brighid 555-5555 for details). Thursday will be heavy weapons, armor and archery at Garth of the Crags house (call Bob at 555-5555) for details. I’m home for calls too. See you there.

Congratulations: James of Rimsholt and Robin of Andelcrag authorized in fencing. Hoobah!

Fum Day: Congratulations to Lady Brighid the Ageless on her fine feast at Fum Day. Thanks to all the Lords and ladies who helped in serving and making the day run smoothly. His Excellency was given so many beautiful gifts that showed the talent of our populace. It was a day to remember.

The Bolt: Don’t forget to send Ty’s and Annabelle $5.00 for a one year subscription of the Rimsholt Bolt.

Demos: There is no room for new dance groups at Festival ’94 so that demo has been cancelled. But fear not! Show off those dance skills at the May 21 demo at Mayfest (Muskegon Community College) from 9-4pm or at North West Michigan (Traverse City) at the Bar-B-Q demo on May 22.

Pennsic Camping: Look for the Pennsic camping forms in this issue, fill it out and return it to Lord Kalin if there is any chance you will be at Pennsic War this year.

Border War: Adalacia the Serene is autocratting Border War. Please call her at 555-5555 to let her know how you can help at this event.

Hope to see you soon,
Alessandra Mae La Moore

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June 1994

Seneschal: From the Seneschal

Meetings: Monday 7-9 fencing at Dwight Lydell Park in Comstock Park. Wednesday will be Dance Practice at the same park. Thursday will Heavy Weapons, Armor and Archery at Garth of the Crags house. See you there.

Congratulations!: Lady Brighid the Ageless authorized in fencing. Hoobah!

Thank Ye: Thanks to all the Lords and Ladies who helped at the Mayfest Demo and marched in the Festival ’94 parade.

Pennsic Fum Camp: You have until June 15 to get your Fum Camp Form to Lord Kalin. Don’t forget!

The Walls: Thanks for all the help on the new Fum Camp wall. It was nearly completed but watch for the next paint session for the "stones" on the wall. The Royal wall sections for Rimsholt and Andelcrag will be worked on following the July meeting at Garth and Kassia’s house on July 17 (a Sunday). Join us for the fun, Please.

Demos: June 24-26 at the Howell Baleen Festival. July 30-31 in Kalamazoo with our Silver Leaf friends. Ionia Free Fair August 6 from 1-2 pm.

Classes: The Weaver Shop in Rockford is offering two classes. Card Weaving (book by Candice Crockett) taught by Jim Poacher on June 25 from 9-3. Cost is $50.00 with the book and $30.00 if you bring your book. Bobbin Lace on July 30 from 9-3. Cost is $60.00 and includes a Styrofoam pillow, bobbins and thread.

For Information: Lord Cynfyn and I will be gone for 3 or 4 weeks beginning June 12 while Daffyd has open heart surgery. Call Brighid with SCA questions or for SCA information.

Border War: Call Adalacia the Serene for volunteering for water bearing (need a blue card), Troll, checking camping, or whatever else. Call Lady Kassia Gildea to help serve feast. Both numbers are in the front of the Bolt.

Heraldry: I will share with the Canton what I just learned. Middle names are not period. I do not have my full last name documented so we are agreed (the herald and I that is) that La Moore was most likely Americanized from l’Amour. I will be changing my name and trying to document that now.

Next Meeting: July 17 (Sunday) at 1 pm at Garth and Kassia’s. Lord Garth will speak on heavy weapons fighting. Below is a map. Stay to work on the Royal Wall.

See you soon,
Alessandra l’Amour

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July 1994

*** No Officer Articles this Month ***

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August 1994

Seneschal: From the Seneschal

Meetings: Monday 7-9 fencing at the Dwight Lydell Park in Comstock Park. Dancing Wednesday from 7-9 at the same park. Heavy Weapons, Armor and Archery at Garth of the Crags house from 7-9. Come join us.

Congratulations: Reynard authorized in fencing and heavy weapons. James of the Cross authorized in heavy weapons. Cynfyn ap Rhywallon authorized in heavy weapons. Hoobah all of you!!!

Demos: Thanks for all the help at Silver Leaf . .  .we had a lot of interested gentles in the SCA. Hoobah to Jim & Lisa Cross for the fine demo. We will be meeting at Reynard d'Avignon's house before the Ionia Free Fair demo on August 6 to car pool with our limited free parking. We will meet no later than 11:30 am at Reynard's for the fair stage (from 1-2) and return to Reynard's hospitality for a revel after the demo. Join us!

Pennsic War: I will be joining you at war after all. Don't forget your sun block, bug repellant, hat and bottled drinking water. See you there!

Thank you all: Thanks to all our good friends for all your support after the loss of our son, David. For those who haven't heard we lost our son after his third open heart surgery due to complications when he caught pneumonia. We will miss him forever but we sure enjoyed the 21 months we had. Daffyd ap Cynfyn enjoyed all of you & the SCA. Thanks!

Next meeting: After our Press article and the T.V. live at 5 show watch for new people Monday & Wed. nights and the next meeting to help me make them feel welcome. Our next meeting is Sunday August 28 at 2pm at the Dwight Lydell Park. I will speak on Middle Kingdom awards & Benedict of Beverly will speak on fencing. See you there. Bring Pennsic pictures & stories.

Health & Happiness,
Alessandra l'Amour

Mistress of Arts & Sciences: A&S

Please report all your Arts & Science projects to me. Adalacia the Serene, so I can include them in my quarterly report.

Thank you,

p.s. Also , my cat Spit will be having kittens. If you would like one please let me know - 555-5555

Chronicler: From the Chronicler

We am looking for contributions to the Bolt,letters, book reviews, articles, artwork, etc. Please send your contributions to Annebelle Lizbeth De'Laisse or Tys. All input is greatly appreciated. Thanks to those of you who already send in articles, some on a regular basis. You make our job easier.

Many Thanks to You,
Annebelle Lizbeth & Tys

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September 1994

Seneschal: From the Seneschal

Meetings: Outdoor meetings will continue as long as the weather and light continue to hold out. Monday 7-9 fencing at the Dwight Lydell Park in Comstock Park. Dancing Wednesday from 7-9 at the same park. Heavy Weapons, Armor & Archery at Garth's house from 7-9. We have the Music room at Grand Rapids Community College (room 200 in the Music Building) on Thursdays again this winter. This will be the schedule for the room use:
1 st Thursday of the month – fencing practice
2 nd Thursday of the month – monthly meeting
3 rd Thursday of the month – heavy weapons practice
4 th Thursday of the month – dancing practice
5 th Thursday of the month – fighting, fencing & dancing as the turnout allows. Anyone wanting to work on armor should contact Garth of the Crags for arranging a good time. Come join us!!!!

Congratulations: Lord Garth of the Crags authorized in fencing. Hoobah!!

Demos: Thank you for the good demo at the Ionia Free Fair. We got a lot of calls.

Please come help: We will be cutting down trees at Baron Daibhre's house in Ionia on Sunday October 16th at 1 pm. Bring your chainsaw and wood splitting tools and Baron Daibhre is kind enough to let us store and have this wood for free for Winter Revel.

I'm looking for a few good speakers: We still need speakers for our meetings. If you have a talent to share or knowledge to give please call me at 555-5555 so we can find a month for you to talk. Thanks!!

Pennsic: WOW!! Boy did we have fun. If you couldn't be there this year be sure to plan early for next year. Be sure to see the local pictures . .  .some stories are hard to believe even after you see the pictures.

See you soon,
Alessandra l'Amour

Mistress of Arts & Sciences:

Now is the time to start working on projects for the A&S table for Winter Revel. We will have a bigger table this year, so everyone can display their works.

The Needler's Guild of Rimsholt is slowly getting off the ground. For those interested we are looking for a device. Please bring your ideas to a meeting, dance practice, or mail them to me.

The Guild has two projects kicking around at this time. The first involves Silverleaf. We all go in on a merchanting table and sell our work, with a percentage going to the Guild fund.

The second idea deals with Pennsic and the Baron's procession to court. What stood out the most for me were processions where everyone wore the groups colors. My idea is to make a bunch of sideless surcoats with Andelcrag's device. The ladies would then just wear a black chemise underneath.

Also, it is very important that you let me know what you are working on, so I can include it in my report.

Adalacia the Serene

From the Chatelaine:

I would like to thank each and every one of you who helped to make the Ionia Free Fair demo on August 6th a success. I believe it went well.

Also, I have been hoping that anyone who would like to get rid of any of their old but useful garb and feast gear would donate it as loaner garb and feast gear.

For January Winter Revel we would like to hold another auction so please start looking for your donations for this event and let me know.

All lost and found can now be claimed at the Chatelaine's home. Call (517) 555-5555

Thanks so much,

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October 1994

Seneschal: From the Seneschal

Meetings: Outdoor meetings are done for the winter months. Contact Lord Garth to schedule armor making at his home. The following schedule will be our use of room 200 in the Music Building at Grand Rapids Community College.
1 st Thursday of the month – fencing
2 nd Thursday of the month – populace meeting
3 rd Thursday of the month – heavy weapons
4 th Thursday of the month – dancing
5 th Thursday of the month – all of the above as turnout allows. On fencing and heavy weapon nights the scheduled people will have the room first but if there are too few and they tire before the two hours are up the other people with equipment may use the room.

Congratulations: Red Iain the Smythe authorized in fencing and became Baron Fum’s squire. Lord Reynard d’Avignon received his AoA; Lord Garth and Cynfyn received their Gardent Ram (Baronial service award). Lady Keziah received her Salient Hart (Baronial A&S award). Hoobah to you all!!!

Demos: GRCC’s feast that we help with the entertainment in exchange for use of the room in the Music Building is Thursday and Friday December 8 & 9. Put it on your calendar please. Thanks for help at Fallfest.

HELP!! We will be cutting down trees at Baron Daibhre’s house in Ionia on Sunday October 16 th at 1 pm. Bring your chainsaw and wood splitting tools. Baron Daibhre is kind enough to let us store and have this wood for free for Winter Revel. Bring your dinner and a dish to pass. See you there. Also, I still need speakers for our meetings. Please call me to share your talents with our Canton.

See you soon,
Alessandra l’Amour

Chronicler: From the Chronicler

The coming year of 1995 will be an extremely busy one for us. With a wedding, selling our home and opening a new business, we make partake in hair tearing, screaming and frantic cries of desperation, therefore I am looking for someone to temporarily or possibly permanently take over the Chronicler’s position. If you are interested please contact me at 555-555-5555. I will not put you in a sink or swim situation, we will work together until you feel comfortable doing the Bolt on your own and I will always be available for questions or help.

Also we are looking for a new storage place for the chariots. When we move there will be no place to store them.

Annabelle Lizbeth De’Laisse

Misc. Letters: RUM in Andelcrag

In case you haven’t heard, the Royal University of the Midrealm (RUM) will be hosted by the Barony of Andelcrag. Specifically the event is to be held at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids on Saturday, March 4, 1995.

What does this mean? In Short, I need some help! Because the event will be geographically located in our canton of Rimsholt and many of the teachers will be coming from some distance away, I am looking for people to offer crash space for Friday and possibly Saturday night.

If you have an extra bedroom or fold out couch and can offer an instructor some SCA hospitality, please call me at 555-5555. I would like to firm up the number of rooms available for Mistress Dulcinea who is so diligently looking for teachers for this event.

Also, I am in need of a dedicated individual to help me with event flyers and handouts as needed. This requires some one with a word processor and a little extra time. Please think about this one NOW. Some of this work can be done well ahead of the event.

Not Quite Frantic Yet,


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November 1994

Seneschal: From the Seneschal

Meetings: Contact Lord Garth to schedule armor making at his home. Room 200 of the Music Building at Grand Rapids Community College will be used as follows:
1 st Thursday of the month – fencing
2 nd Thursday of the month – populace meeting
3 rd Thursday of the month – heavy weapons
4 th Thursday of the month – dancing
All meetings start at 7 pm. We may dance after the meetings, fight after fencing and fence after fighting as time and turnout allows.

Madrigal Feast will be at Grand Rapids Community College on Thursday December 8 and Friday Dec 9 in the Technology building. There will also be dress rehearsal on Wed. Dec 7. We will be dancing, fighting, fencing and demonstration arts and sciences for the guests. Kevin said he would like to see the people who have art and science skills actively show their skills and sell their products to the public. Let me know if you are interested in this part of our entertainment. Friday night Lady Brighid will have a revel at her home following the demo. See you there.

R.U.M. is getting closer. Be sure to get a teaching form from myself or Lady Brighid if you would like to teach a class. Lady Brighid will need lots of help in many areas. Think about giving some time to meet the fine artisans of Pentemere. Teachers from out of town will also need crash space. Please call Lady Brighid and let her know how many people your hospitality could provide for . Thanks for the help.

Demo: Silver Swords could use some help with their demo on Sat. December 10. More info next month.

Winter Revel will be January 14, 1995. Let Rhiannon know if you want to help or have a donation for the auction. There will also be an arts & sciences table to display your handiwork.

Speakers: We still need mundane or SCA people who are willing to teach their talents to our canton. I would like to see someone teach tips on sewing and altering patterns, calligraphy, illumination, weapon making, chain mail making, tablet weaving, jewelry making in period and anything else you can think of that was done in period or helps make the SCA more enjoyable. Contact me to arrange a meeting to speak on any of these topics or ideas on who could teach.

Guilds in Rimsholt: There is a needlework guild forming in Rimsholt. The only requirement to be part of it is an interest in any form of needlework and a little patience. Call me or Adalacia the Serene for more information. There is also the beginnings of a musician’s guild to perform the dance music we have learned. Just think . . . our own band to play live music. It could be awesome. Call Lady Brighid or Lisa of Spicewood for sheet music.

The Bolt: Congratulations to Tys and Annabelle on the closing of their new business in downtown Lowell. I know we all look forward to seeing it this spring. As their lives get busy this winter and spring they will be needing help with publishing the Bolt. I would like to thank Lord Reynard d’Avignon for offering his time to keep the Bolt on schedule. Remember the Chroniclers can always use artwork and articles for the Bolt. Thanks again!!

Thank you to everyone who helped take down the trees at Baron Daibhre’s house. We got quite a lot of wood and helped a friend besides. There have been other offers for more wood as well. In January we will need pickup trucks and/or trailers to haul the wood to Bertha Brock Park for Winter Revel. Thanks again . . .as always many hands make the work easier.

See everyone soon,
Alessandra l’Amour

Dance Mistress: From Brighid

Dance Practice continues! The Madrigal feast is just around the corner on December 8 & 9. It’s time to put on your dancing shoes and come to a practice held the fourth Thursday of the month at the Grand Rapids Community College Music building. Time permitting there will also be dance practice after the general populace meeting on the second Thursday of the month.

For those who missed it, Lady Kassia taught us the Troika at the October populace meeting. Yet another fast, can’t catch your breath dances that can be so much fun.

There is a demo on December 10 in Silver Swords (Battle Creek) where we should be able to dance the day away. Classes will be offered so everyone can participate. Mark the date on your calendar!

Also, I have ordered an English Country Instructional Dance video from Chivalry Sports. There are several dances including New Castle (you remember the one we couldn’t get to work in the Park?). I haven’t met anyone who owns a copy so I am not sure how good it will be, but we’ll all find out together.

Chronicler: Chronicler’s Corner

It seems only fitting to me that the Chronicler should have the back page for his or her 2 pence worth. The issue is done the important stuff has been said and it’s all over except the stamp licking (that’s Michael’s job).

I would like to thank Annebelle and Tys for the wonderful job they have done on the Bolt. I would also like to thank them for their kind assistance and support on my own first effort. The level of quality they have set will be a tough act to follow but I will try to do them proud.

Everyone please feel free to submit items for publication. I will gladly take all the help I can get. Also don’t be surprised if I tap you for an article or three on something you do obviously well.

There is one little thing I would like to try right off if I could have the Canton’s most kind and noble indulgence. A few months ago Alessandra l’Amour introduced her persona in these pages. I think that was a very good idea. If everyone that has an established persona, device or name would jot down a few paragraphs I would like to see at least one published each month. If your not sure but want to try it out write it down anyway. This would allow all of us to become a little better acquainted and possibly help new members figure out how to create a history of their own.

Reynard d’Avignon

Misc. Letters: RUM In Andelcrag

Plans for RUM go merrily along. Thanks to those god gentles who have already volunteered: Benedict of Beverly who will be producing the Seneschal flyer and Emma de Winter who is coordinating crash space.

Alessandra has also been good enough to volunteer to keep track of which classes are closed and getting heralds to make the announcements.

If you are interested in helping and haven’t found your niche, please call me at 555-5555.


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December 1994

Seneschal: From the Seneschal;

Winter greetings to the Canton of Rimsholt!

Meetings are still in room 200 of the Music Building at Grand Rapids Community College at the corner of Ransom and Lyons. All meetings are on Thursday from 7 9 pm. Contact Lord Garth to schedule armor making at his home.

1 st Thursday of the month – Fencing
2 nd Thursday of the Month – Populace meeting
3 rd Thursday of the month – Heavy Weapons, Needle Worker’s, & playing Period music
4 th Thursday of the month – Dancing
5 th Thursday of December will be Christmas break and there will be no meeting

This month the Populace Meeting will be cancelled because we will be at the Madrigal Feast helping with entertainment in exchange for our Thursday meeting space. See everyone there!

The Madrigal Feast will be at Grand Rapids Community College on Thurs. December 8 and Fri. Dec. 9 in the Technology Building at the corner of Ransom and Fountain. There will also be a dress rehearsal on Wed. Dec. 7 at 7 pm (or a little earlier). Thursday and Friday will start at 6 pm so try to be there at 5:45. There will be dancing to live music and Fencing demonstrations. Lord Kalin, Katheryne Sommerfeldt and Red Iain the Smythe will be selling wares and demonstration their art skills. Lady Brighid will be hosting a revel at her home on Friday night following the demo. Come join all the fun!!!

January meetings will continue as normal at the January 12 Populace Meeting which will be at 7 pm sharp until 8 pm. 8 – 9 pm the floor will be given to our fencers because they will miss the first Thursday of the month to Christmas break.

Pledge Drive for Channel 35/54 Grand Valley State University will be Friday December 16 from 8 to 11 pm. We will need 8 or more people to answer the phones and take money pledge donations for the TV station. They will give us time to talk on TV and show us in garb. We are meeting there at 7:30 pm and it should give us public exposure for new members.

Silver Swords has postponed their Dec. 10 demo indefinitely. I will let you know any updates. Winter Revel is only a few weeks away. Let Rhiannon know how you can help and items you have for the auction. There will be an Arts & Sciences table to display your handiwork.

R.U.M. is also getting closer. Call Emma de Winter if you have some crash space for all the teachers that will be coming to town. If you want to help at Troll or anywhere else call Lady Brighid and let her know.

Lost at War: Lord Kalin is looking for his 3.5 lb. sledge hammer with a hickory handle and a metal head . . . I am sure it made it back to Michigan somewhere. Bring it to the next event.

Baronial Raffle: There will be much rejoicing by the Barony if it can raise the funds to hold the events it wants to. Therefore they are accepting donations of fine goods and services (ideally worth about $25.00 or so but the more the better) which will travel to events for the winter and be raffled off at Val Day. Get these items to Lord Kalin at the Madrigal Feast or Winter Revel. If you aren’t up to making something right now consider a donation to the Barony of Andelcrag in money.

Speakers on any topic of general interest are still needed for the Populace Meetings starting in February or later. Call me if you have a topic to share or one you would like to learn more about.

Peace and joy to all our SCA family through the holidays and new year.

See you soon!!

Herald: Greetings Good Gentles of Rimsholt,

Just a few lines to introduce myself . . . For those of you that do not know me I am Isabelle of Leith, mundanely known as Bob Robertson. Isabelle is an unsettled persona. She resides in Leith, Scotland, port city of Edinburgh, somewhere between 600 and 1600 AD She is the orphaned ward of a merchant with friends that sail the waters of the world in which they inhabit. Mundanely, I am Head Librarian in the small town in which I live.

I am currently reading my way through the new Middle Kingdom Pursuivant’s Handbook so I am learning the office as I go. I am available to help those of you that would like help with your device/name submission or to answer questions. If I do not have the answer for you right away, give me some time and I will see what I can do to help. I am generally at most of the Thursday night happenings at GRCC. Or you can contact me at (555) 555-5555, before 10:30 pm please.


Chronicler: Chronicler’s Corner,

The front cover art is from the cover of the "Saturday Evening Post"

The article on Medieval and Elizabethan Christmas customs was borrowed from "An English Christmas" by Celia McInnes, Orbis Book Publishing Corporation Limited, 1986. The picture with it is entitled "Bringing in the Boar’s Head" from Harper’s Monthly, January 1873. The artist is unknown to me.

The illustrations accompanying Brighid’s Cookbook List and her Cookbook Review are from a 1905 issue of "St. Nicholas Magazine".

Please feel free to send me any pictures, cartoons and such you may want to see gracing the pages of the Bolt. Just remember to include the source so that I may give due credit to you and the original artist where appropriate.

May this season bring you all the happiness and good cheer to last the year long.

Reynard d’Avignon

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