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Canton of Rimsholt History A. S. XXVIII  (1993)

Seneschal: Brighid the Ageless Herald: Hogan the Grim
Minister of Arts: Adalicia the Serene Minister of Sciences: Cynfyn ap Rhywallon
Exchequer: Garth of the Crags Knights Marshal: Deryk von Waldfrysk
Chronicler: Annebella Lizbeth De'Laisse Chatelain(e): Adalicia the Serene
Chirurgeon: Iarlaith ni Fiomallain  

Events and Activities of Note:

Canton Officer Articles from the Rimsholt Bolt in 1993

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Images from the Past

Water Bearers from Border War X Lord Cynfyn ap Rhywallon at Border War X GRCC Madrigal Feast demo - group picture Dancing at the GRCC Madrigal Feast Demo
Archery at "What in the Samhain" Chariot races at "What in the Samhain"

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