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Rimsholt "rag-a-muffins" at Pennsic XXIII
This is a picture of the Atlantian five-man rapier melee at Pennsic XXIII . The fencers on the left are the Rimsholt Rag-a-Muffins so named because of the definitely not-spiffy garb we fenced in. This was the first Pennsic where fencing was legal in the Midrealm. It was raining, it was a single elimination tourney, we were the first bout, it was over in about 5 seconds. Well, we are all much better now. The members of the Rimsholt Rag-a-Muffin team were (from front to back) Brighid the Ageless, Garth of the Crags, Reynard d'Avignon, Emma de Winter and Benedict of Beverly.

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