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Les Métissages is about the coming together of various countries, communities, and cultures with a group of artists.

The goal of the Métissages projects is to understand our differences. Cultures, arts, and pedagogies are brought together to intermingle, challenge each other, and ultimately create an arena where curiousity and understanding are fed and creativity flourishes.

The Process

Julie Beauvais, actor and director, who created Les Métissages in June of 2000, makes an initial visit (with or without other artists) to the country hosting the next Métissage project, to lay the groundwork with the host group.

What can be exchanged? How long should the Métissage last? How many artists would be needed? What sort of project should the group aim for? Will it be a play, a dance piece, a film, a musical, a sculpture, a book . . . .?

Once the goal of the project is defined, the group of artists is put together. Actors, musicians, circus performers, photographers, and other artists from a variety of countries can then create the next Métissage. Then the group must prepare themselves for the exchange, make themselves available for the required time and also seek funding while continuing to communicate with the host group.

Finally, they arrive in the host country and the journey begins.