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Map courtesy of used with permission.

Recife is a bustling city of 2.5 million situated at the in the North East corner of Brazil. It is home to some of the oldest colonial buildings in Brazil making it a popular resort town for tourists. On the outskirts of the city are a number of favelas or slum areas with large numbers of impoverished Brazilians including many children. It is on the edge of one of the favelas where Pro-Criança started and continues to have one of its main buildings inviting young children into a safe environment where they might begin to learn. Through the efforts of many sponsors and the continued hard work of the staff of Pro-Criança they have recently opened a second building that shows off not only the craft work of the children but also houses their resident dance company, Companhia de Música e Dança Andarilho, and even has its own café for the public as a way to generate more funding.

We live in the area known as Piedade and our appartment, graciously loaned to us by Sebastion Barito Campello, is minutes away from the beach. While we are not in the richest area of Recife, we are afforded the luxury of a safe neighbourhood and a clean place to stay. We are six in a severely cosy space but with enough work between all of us that there is little time to step on each others' toes.