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The Movimento Pro-Cirança, "Movement for Children" (MPC) started in Olinda, Recife with the goal to teach children who live on the streets or in the favelas so that they can enter society with the skills necessary for survival. A variety of classes are offered in four disciplines; art (dance, music, photography, sculpture, painting), sport (football, capoeira), specialised technical skill (electronics, construction, cooking) and of course the essentials of reading, writing and mathematics.

Thanks to the funding of Telemar (One of Brazil's telephone companies), Volkswagen, the city, the department of justice, and the department of cultural and community affairs of Recife, Movimento Pro-Criança has been able to help hundreds of underprivileged children.

Pro-Criança has over the years expanded and been able to have several locations around the city with buildings that are situated at the border of various favelas. Every day, the children attend classes and then are provided with one hot meal. The classes are taught by a team of dedicated professionals providing the students with viable skills with which they may enter the work force. The schools are also a safe haven from the violence and stresses of the favelas and help to keep many children from entering into the drug trade. It is suspected that Pro-Criança is the primary reason for a dramatic decrease in the city's crime rate since it's inception.

One of the interesting aspects of Pro-Criança is the use of arts programs to encourage they children to express themselves; something not normally offered to them while living in the favelas. A creativity centre was developed near one of the poorest favelas and attracts many students seeking skills and simply something to do that is interesting and challenging.

The latest endeavour on the part of Pro-Criança has been to open an arts centre in Recife Antigo, one of the up and coming chic neighbourhoods. Here, in a refurbished building, they have a small theatre space, sculpture ateliers, a mini gallery, and even a cafe that will open soon. This centre will create a lot of publicity both for Pro-Criança and Andarilho, the resident company of young dancers and percussionists.

The company is made up of 25 students and it is primarily with this group that we are working.