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All About Me

Well hello there!! My name is Christopher and I am an 18 year old, Lacrosse playing guy. I am a Defenseman but i have played both midfield and attack. I live in Pennsylvania and just graduated form High School. I have one sister and one brother. Both older (Lucky Me!) I AM ALSO GOING OUT WITH A VERY TERRIFIC GIRL NAMED MEGAN. SHE IS SUCH A SWEETIE AND SHE IS ALWAYS THERE WHEN I NEED HER. THANKS HUN!!! We recently went to Florida for Senior Week and had a BLAST!!!

Click HERE to e-mail me and tell me what you think of my poems. Be sure to check out the pages of my site cuz there are great midis and pics of Tigger and the gang!!! Please don't forget to sign a guestbook. (Heck, sign both if ya want!) I also LOVE Tigger as you can see.

This picture is on the "Leave a Legacy" sculpture in Epcot. Our picture was taken and was acid etched into a steel plate which is attached to a large marble base. This sculpture was created to be part of Disney's Millenium celebration.
Thanx loads!

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X Tee-Eye-Double Guh-Er
Christopher Villamayor - Webmaster
"Love her more today than yesterday...but not nearly as much as tomorrow."
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Tigger And Pooh


You see things; and you say “Why?”
But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?”.
~ George Bernard Shaw ~


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