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Could She Be You?

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"Stairway To Heaven"

I've loved her from a distance for the longest time
Just waiting for the moment she would finally be mine

Was she sending me hints? Was she sending me clues?
Who would she pick if she had to choose?

I wanted to tell her just how I felt
But whenever she was around I'd just melt

I wanted to tell her,but I held myself back
Confidence and courage are qualities I lack

We are friends now, but could we be more?
I only need her to open the door

Let me begin my journey, please let me start
Show me the way and I will find your heart

I can't stop thinking of her, she's on my mind
She is special,she's one of a kind

Who is this girl that I love?
She's a beautiful angel sent by God above

I know what I'm feeling, I know it's true
Now ask yourelf a question..

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