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Did You Ever Love Me?

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"Truly Madly Deeply"

As I sit on my bed in the middle of the night
I think about my feelings, were they ever right?

What went wrong between us?--I'd like to know;
I opened up to you, and I finally let myself go

Everything was right in my life, I was happy as could be...
Because for 4 months I thought you loved me

I put you on a pedestal, I raised you too high
Did you ever mean what you said? or was it all a lie?

You say it was like a "DREAM WORLD" between you and me
But at one time I thought we turned the 'DREAM' into 'REALITY'

You say it's time to wake up; our dream is done
But the truth is I've been awake, I thought you were the one

You were the first person that I said 'I LOVE YOU' to
I would never have said it if I didn't think it was true

I meant every word, it came from my heart
How do we go on from here? how do we start?

Why can't love be perfect? who says it can't be?
Love means no matter what...will you ever see???

Still I know that one thing will remain to be true;
No matter what path we take, I will Always Love YOU


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