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You Can't Force

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"When I Come Around"

"You can't go forcing something if it's just not right"

Tonight, I go to bed feeling a little emptier inside,
It's ironic because I'm trying to sleep but the sun is coming out
Tonight, I know that I must rest, but my soul cries
'cause I wish that I could touch you with my heart...

If I could extend my arms as long as wings
and stop the sorrow that the world dishes out,
I would reach to you and help rid any
pain and emptiness that you may have...

I will try...

I wish you could see all that's in me
and what I wanted to give to you 
with my whole heart...what it was that burned 
within me.

But I can't...

Love can't be forced, it is something that just raises from inside
and no matter what desire I have for you
If you can't see what I feel, you never will.

And you won't...

It's ironic, to think that what we want
is sometimes so real and close that we can touch it...
but it's just not really there, like a 
cruel joke.

But no matter what, 
I'll protect you from the pain and 
I'll be there to extend my friendly hand for 
you to grasp,
'cause one smile from you face will pay me back
for all the love that I will have to keep inside.

And I will...I WILL go on.


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