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I'll Be Yours And You'll Be Mine

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"Summer Nights"

When she walks by I canít help but stare
Because when sheís around thereís magic in the air

I would swim across oceans and walk many a mile
Just to see once more her radiant smile

Sheís got the most beautiful eyes that Iíve ever seen
Mere words cannot describe her, youíll never know what I mean

She makes me feel a way Iíve never felt before
Sheís the only one my heart will ever long for

I love to be around her, I love who she is inside
I want to let her know and God knows I tried

How do I open her eyes and show her what I feel?
How do I let her know what Iím feeling is real?

Whatís my next step? Where could I possibly go from here?
Just give me a sign and I will face my fear

Give me that look and let me know itís okay
Give me your heart and Iíll know what to say

All through eternity, all throughout time
Iíll be yours and youíll be mine

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